Using Projects as Research Magnets

Industry-government-research engagement is vital to national infrastructure delivery.


green roof__

US Study Reveals the Best Plants For Green Roofs

A new study in the US has completed a five-year trial to evaluate the best plants for...

Published on 26 August 2015

skills shortage

Is Australia Heading for a Construction Trade Shortage?

Around Australia, concern is growing about a long-term shortage of skilled construction tradespeople amid fears not enough...

Published on 26 August 2015

future sydney

Sydney: The City of Your (and My) Dreams?

I’ve recently found myself lying awake at night, and this insomnia has nothing to do with the...

Published on 02 September 2015

economic bubble

Triguboff Predicts Property Crash If Banks Blanch Next Year

Australia could soon face a massive collapse in its residential property markets if Harry Triguboff is right...

Published on 02 September 2015

building data

Using Big Data Analytics For Energy Savings

In Australia, energy efficiency has been in the spotlight for decades, particularly in regard to the operation...

Published on 31 August 2015