public vs private

Is Electricity Privatisation a Boon for Consumers?

Debate continues over whether privatisation of the power network will raise or reduce the power bills of Australian consumers.



Open Tenders Harm Business

Open tendering continues to be the primary form of engagement between the public sector and private sector.

Published on 21 January 2015

timber skyscraper

Why 2015 Will Be the Year of Tall Timber Construction

In recent years, the building design and construction industry in many developed economies has witnessed an increased...

Published on 27 January 2015

crystal ball house

How Will 2015 Pan Out for Australia’s Housing Industry?

The likelihood of additional RBA interest rate cuts is again being discussed.

Published on 29 January 2015

Shanghai Tower

Skyscraper Trends for 2015

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has dubbed 2014 “the tallest ever” for skyscraper construction.

Published on 27 January 2015


Newman’s Construction Policy Helping: Industry Leader

Though more needs to be done, the current Queensland government has made significant gains in a number...

Published on 21 January 2015