smart glass

SmartPhones and Windows That Make Solar Power

Scientists from Michigan State University have produced a new type of solar concentrator which can be installed on pre-existing windows to convert them into renewable energy devices without compromising their appearance.


concrete skin

‘Skin’ Senses Damage to Concrete

Collaboration between North Carolina State University and the University of Eastern Finland has produced a new technology that can...

Published on 12 August 2014

Gerald Shirtcliff

Fake Engineer Confesses after Four Decades

A 66-year old New Zealand man has confessed to using a stolen identity and falsified credentials to pursue a lengthy and prolific engineering career...

Published on 12 August 2014


US Architecture Billings Index Soars to Seven-Year Highs

As the rebound in commercial building picks up, a key indicator of business conditions facing architects in the United...

Published on 27 August 2014


Australia Behind on Pre-Fabrication: Construction Leaders

The building industry in Australia is not keeping up with international efforts with regard to prefabrication and needs to...

Published on 13 August 2014

green roof

Sydney Launches Australia’s First Green Roof Policy

In a bid to increase the city's urban forest, the City of Sydney has unveiled Australia's first green roof...

Published on 19 August 2014