A Prefab Classroom that Can Generate Energy

The development of a new form of sustainable teaching environment has the potential to dramatically shrink the carbon footprint of the education sector by actually generating energy instead of draining it from the grid.


3d printing

3D Printing Poised to Transform Building Sector

The rapid development of 3D printing technology is poised to have a paradigm-changing impact upon myriad facets...

Published on 15 April 2015

straw house

Why Is Straw Bale Not Used More in Building Structures?

Straw bale homes seem to tick all the boxes of the ideal passively designed home, yet for...

Published on 16 April 2015

china copycat architecture

Is Chinese ‘Copycat’ Architecture a Bad Thing?

Walk down the street one Sunday afternoon and you might see traditional classic British architecture with cobbled...

Published on 14 April 2015

Patrik Schumacher

Zaha Hadid Director Lashes Out at “Star-bashing” of Architects

A director with one of the world's most renowned architecture firms has used social media to attack...

Published on 16 April 2015

smart elevator

Smart Elevators and the Internet of Things

According to estimates from the World Health Organization, seven in 10 people will live in cities by...

Published on 13 April 2015