Consumers need to realise that window coverings are in investment in the home; they add value to the home, and they can solve a number of problems.

Below are a list of the main errors I have encountered in 26-plus years in the window covering industry that should be avoided when purchasing window coverings:

Going for the cheapest price

Yes, window coverings can be expensive, but they are an investment in your home and will pay for themselves in no time. There are many charlatans in the marketplace who will skimp on fabric quality and quantity to keep their prices cheap.

Using flimsy products on west facing windows

The Aussie sun is extremely damaging and you will simply be wasting your money if you do not purchase heavy duty products and materials for west facing windows. Find products that will not fade, warp or disintegrate under these conditions.

Not considering window size

As a general rule, a window over three metres in width is the maximum size you would successfully make a blind; perhaps multiple blinds are the solution. Alternately, windows narrower than 30 centimetres are not recommended for roller blinds or shutters.


The vertical stack of a blind is important, especially on a door (so you don’t bump your head when it is pulled up). You may also have a view that you don’t want to obstruct. Horizontal stacks are for curtains. When you open your curtains, you must consider how much room you have for them and if they will impede the view.

Expecting 100 per cent blackout from all products

Total 100 per cent blackout can only be achieved from curtains with pelmets. Blackout roller blinds have small gaps at the sides and the top, whilst shutters have miniscule gaps all the way around. Keep this in mind if you need total darkness in a bedroom or home theatre.

Not looking for quality features such as lined curtains

Lining protects the fabric and the other furnishings in the room. The extra cost for lining could save thousands in the long term.

Not comparing apples with apples

This sounds obvious, but if you are getting a number of quotes, they can vary greatly due to the number of variables, such as fabric price.

DIY installations

Need I elaborate? Just don’t do it! In most cases, it will reduce or void the warranty on your products.

Not considering the era of your home

If you have a period home, don’t try to modernise it with minimalist window treatments; it simply won’t work! If you don’t like elaborate drapes, ask your window covering professional to give you some options.

Think about street appeal

For example, using plantation shutters on colonial windows may not seem like a problem to some, but from a designer’s perspective and the view from the street, these look awful! There are too many lines going across and down. Also, try not to use too many different styles of window coverings in your home as it can look messy and lack cohesion. Another important note is to be careful of the colours of blinds and sheers, as these can be seen from the outside, and need to look good with your external features.

If you find a recommended expert in window treatments, you will avoid costly mistakes and have functional and gorgeous window coverings that will last for many many years.