Infrastructure projects in Sydney’s west, including the WestConnex motorway and Badgerys Creek airport, will help create 1000 apprenticeships, the NSW government says.

Premier Mike Baird has announced the workers will be employed to help the state deliver on a $60 billion infrastructure program.

Companies vying for government contracts will have to employ a specific number of new apprentices.

“Bidders will be assessed on a range of criteria, including the number of apprenticeships they are prepared to create during construction and through the partnerships they forge with local TAFE and other tertiary institutions,” said Mr Baird in statement on Wednesday.

The latest initiative is part of Mr Baird’s push to promote economic activity Sydney’s western suburbs under his Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Western Sydney portfolio.

“Working on our infrastructure projects will give young apprentices an opportunity to learn key new skills, and will leave the state with a lasting legacy of a highly-skilled workforce who received on-the-job training,” he said.

  • Great idea, as there is already a huge shortage of skilled tradesmen and women and notable trained trainers!!'

  • NSW could put a lot of money into training much needed constructors but they should have an eye to what construction work might look like in 10 years from now. If we continue to expose new industry entrants to business as usual work practices the productivity potential of Premier Baird's initiative may not be achieved. Construction needs to cut back on it's wasteful labour and site fabrication methods. Sites must become a place of assembly. This will involve new work packaging, multi-skilling and a change to the way the industry procures its inputs. Otherwise we will always be doing what we have always done, at continuing greater cost. Best to put these new constructors on the right track early. Make them the solution not the problem.

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