The New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) has developed a reputation within New Zealand for creating large-scale industry events that promote new technologies and methods, that if adopted, will lead to a more profitable and productive construction sector.

Traditionally the content delivered at a NZIOB conference was reserved for in-person attendees. For 2020, that restriction no longer applies as this year’s, Built to Last conference can be attended both in-person and virtually. The result is that the Institute’s reputation for hosting leading-edge construction forums, now extends beyond New Zealand’s shores.

Built to Last, is positioned as a deep dive into new ideas that will transform and strengthen construction industries globally. The conference will explore the core topics of Resilience, Technology, and Wellbeing, with the sessions concluding with a built to last case study that pulls the three central themes together. Bookending the conference are two built to last keynote presentations: the opening address takes a construction industry viewpoint to the notion of built to last, while the closing speaker will approach the topic of built to last, from a built environment perspective.

Built to Last is a conference that will be delivered in a hybrid format, with ‘in-person’ and ‘virtual’ speakers and attendees alike. The speaker line-up is split evenly between ‘in person’ (local) speakers and ‘virtual’ international speakers. It will be virtual attendance at a world class construction forum that will be of interest to Sourcable readers. The full list of speakers that can be viewed virtually is:

  • Case Study: Scott Base Redevelopment Project(Antarctica New Zealand, Jasmax, Leighs Construction):
    The ultimate ‘built to last’ case-study, examining the core topics of resilience, technology, and wellbeing, in what is arguably the harshest environment in the world.
  • Darryl-Lee Wendleborn (Managing Director, Beca New Zealand):
    How we can work together at a national, industry and personal level to create thriving and sustainable communities that support our collective wellbeing and ultimately enhance people’s lives.
  • Jesse Devitte(Co-founder and General Partner, Building Ventures, USA):
    How do we develop a productive, profitable, and resilient construction industry that is built to last?
  • Jit Kee Chin (Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction, USA):
    People-centered innovation: Putting people at the heart of how we encourage innovation in the organisation and in the ecosystem.

Suffolk featured as the construction innovation cases study in KPMG’s 2019 Construction Index Report.

  • Shawn Achor(New York Times bestselling author and Founder of GoodThinkInc, USA):
    How to develop resilience for ourselves (the individual), while collectively growing the resilience of the companies and industry in which we work (the ecosystem)?

Shawn Achor’s TED talk makes it to the list of most popular 25 TED talks of all time with over 22 million views.

  • Simon Lincoln(Partner, Make Architects, Hong Kong/London/Sydney):
    Designed to last: An international journey (the benefit of enduring design as a catalyst for maximising the potential of our built environment).
  • Susan Huria (Former Chair of Ngāi Tahu Property, Ngāi Tahu)
    Practical guidance in building resilience.

South Island based Ngāi Tahu is the wealthiest iwi (tribe) in New Zealand. The iwi’s multi-generational approach to their property assets and the contribution they make to the communities they are located inn, makes for an inspirational story.

The focus of Built to Last is to promote the development of a resilient and effective construction industry, that in turn can deliver a resilient and effective built environment. Further details can be viewed on the Built to Last website.