Virtual Modeling services plays a pivotal role in the design and development, Pre-construction and Post construction processes.

With the advent of BIM services, companies are transiting towards implementing Building Information Modeling in their respective companies while some rely on Outsourcing BIM services to India and other neighboring countries or locally where they can avail cost-effective services with excellent quality and turnaround time.

What are the different criteria’s that any client company should check on before making a decision to outsource?  Outsourcing to wrong companies can actually cost you your reputation and goodwill in the market. There are several companies that you will find on the internet, websites which actually talk about the milestones, benchmark they have achieved with multiple clients across many international locations. But is it wise to believe and outsource? There are countries like India, China, Philippines etc.  Who are very experienced and renowned as “Cost Effective Destination for Outsourcing Architectural and Engineering projects”

Based on our experience of how clients generally pick a BIM services partner for their companies, we have listed a few points below which portrays how big or medium size companies choose a company which can help them fulfill their BIM requirements.

Be vigilant and check for overall company stability and experience: Today with so many business enterprises marketing their company it is very important for an Architectural firm, Engineering Consultant of MEP Contractor to check the overall credentials of the organization. You can request the organization to share the business license number, check for the website for critical information, and check the domain age of the company website URL etc. to get an idea about the stability and experience. It is highly recommended that we also check the social media pages, profiles and dig deeper into the information available.

As far as the experience goes, it is very important to understand the capabilities of project execution, whether the company in question has executed the projects that fall in your scope. The BIM outsourcing company you choose should have knowledge of all domains, end to end service execution experience and in-depth industry exposure based on different international location

Seeing is believing:

It is very important to check the list of projects that are executed by the BIM service partner before you initiate any business proposal. Usually BIM outsourcing companies these days put up their project samples, case studies, ongoing project status etc. however it is important to ensure these images are not just samples picked up from the internet. You can request for an online meeting on Goto meeting, team viewer etc. where the actual models can be reviewed to check the authenticity of the examples given on the website. You can also have an interview with the team who have executed the project to ensure there are no missing gaps.

Reference checks:

It is always beneficial to conduct reference checks with some of the existing clients that the company is already a BIM partner with. It is important to get the first-hand feedback from them as to how the company functions in terms of project execution approach, delivery, and timelines, quality along with overall communication. You can even gauge their response time to your emails, pricing comparison etc.

You can always prefer to get references from the clients according to the area or location your company is based at. This will give a very clear idea of how equipped the company is to work on similar requirements, apply BIM compliance standards based on the location and country you are in. Reference checks also help you in making objective decisions when comparing two companies that offer the same set of BIM Modelling services.

Don’t get mesmerized with “LOW COST”

Most of the companies fish for new clients with a low cost strategy. Low cost doesn’t guarantee cost effective project execution. Time is also an intangible factor which adds to the cost. Most of the companies offer lower cost owing to many hidden reasons. Lack of qualified people, less experience in industry, new company or maybe they may actually not be operating from a commercial work space. So it is wise to pick a BIM service partnerwho offers you the right pricing than low pricing. You should also compare the project pricing with the cost it will incur if you work on it in house. If possible you can get the project hours from the outsourcing companies and compare with the hours it will take if the same project was worked by your staff. There can be a moderate difference of 10% to 15% however if this exceeds beyond this then there is an issue.

Also the quality of work is again very important. You can lose a big chunk of money when a project is not delivered on time and the deliverables are of inferior quality. Handholding or training your BIM service provider will not make sense and you lose your time against the low cost that you paid. Do not put yourself on risk by selecting a BIM Outsourcing Partner who is just offering you lower hourly rates.

Beware of Freelancers

This is the most important advice to any construction company or Architectural firm that is looking forward to outsource BIM services to India or any other country. There are many freelancers who have developed a website and pose as a company. On emailing you will get a complete portfolio, phone number, official email id and every possible information. They will be a group of 4 or 5 people working on your project without a project manager, proper company or infrastructure set up. Such freelancers cannot execute your project with diligence and are not very trust worthy. To identify whether you are dealing with is a registered company or not, you can request for the company establishment certificate, office pictures or resumes of the BIM Architect and Engineers.

Evaluate the company during your initial interaction

Good response time does not guarantee excellent technical skills but it does play an important role in overall project management. Any company that does not follow a quick and prompt response time puts you in risk of not delivering dispatch on time. It is always viable to evaluate the response time in general, ability of understanding the projects well, trained and stand by staff availability etc. should be judged during the initial interactions. A well-organized company hierarchy with an experienced Project Manager makes an efficient BIM Service Partner

Conclusion: There are many other parameters that are vital to making a decision of outsourcing BIM Modeling and other services to a trustworthy and skilled BIM Partner but these are the initial steps to identify.  Outsourcing your pre-construction requirement is the best possible solution any company can today find to speed up the construction process and get excellent quality, provided you chose the right BIM Service partners.