Common Edge has published a cheeky “letter to prospective architecture parents” that preps them for the changes their child will soon undergo by detailing the 6 phases of architectural education:

"Architecture school is a peculiar beast. It almost never actually prepares students to be practicing architects, and 90% of what is written by architects and architectural theorists is incomprehensible garbage. But being able to discern what is and what is not incomprehensible garbage is a profoundly useful life skill."

The six phases each architecture student goes through includes:

  1. "Omigod you so totally don’t get what architecture even IS."
  2. “OK, I’m actually looking at buildings now."
  3. “Why didn’t I just major in international relations? Why didn’t you STOP ME?."
  4. “I’m going to save the world."
  5. “I’m graduating in two months and wtf am I going to do for work."
  6. “You know, I actually learned a lot in architecture school."

Read the full story by Eva Hagberg Fisher, here.

  • Unfortunately the first Qualification in Architecture only prepares students for one thing…….low paid indenture in the Architecture profession. Building designers are qualified to design and contract supervise a residential building after three years study. Architectural students are qualified to do what? After four years of study. It soon dawns on students that in the world of employment they are poorly qualified. This could be justified in an era when (a) The architecture profession did not require a similar university entrance score to Vet Science or Medicine (b) University education was free (c) There were alternative paths to qualification such as experience gained and entry exams. Architecture interns are paid very poorly even if they can gain a paid position. Solution? Make it mandatory for the initial Qualification in Architecture to allow registration as a "Building Designer" that is capable of all residential design and project administration after four years. Make the first qualification fundamentally aimed at ensuring these standards are met. This would allow recent first degree graduates to have some "Cache" in the marketplace, after two years relevant experience, and an external registration exam. Ensure that all streams of architecture allow transfer into related qualifications, project management, landscape architecture, interior design and Quantity surveying. The "Masters of Architecture" should be the mastering of the design of complicated building typology and the theory of design, and include a thesis. The current mostly worthless initial degree can no longer be sustained in Australia with the privatisation of university fees. These measures would go some way to improve salaries, income.