Parramatta Square, a $1.6 billion urban renewal project developed by Parramatta City Council, was designed to bring about a sustainable future for its community.

Over the past 10 years, Parramatta has been consolidated as a government centre and is now home to agencies such as the New South Wales Police Force headquarters and Sydney Water, which once stood in the Sydney CBD. Major upgrades have taken place around the railway station with the expansion of Westfield Parramatta, the creation of a new transport interchange and the underway development of the Parramatta Square local government precinct.

“The Parramatta Square project is a $1.6 billion, three hectare, mixed use development that will provide the foundation for growth in this City and create a future city based on good urban design that is environmentally sustainable, has vast, vibrant, beautiful public spaces and an effective integrated public transport system,” said Parramatta Lord Mayor John Chedid.

“We’re targeting 5 Star Green Star ratings for all buildings across the six stages of Parramatta Square’s development, as well as achieving one of the first Green Star – Communities ratings. Green Star certification sends a clear message to our community that we are committed to building long-term assets that are sustainable, productive and fiscally responsible.”

Green Star – Communities, a tool developed by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), supports and encourages the planning, design and delivery of communities, precincts and neighbourhoods that prioritise environmental sustainability through methods such as minimising energy and water consumption and reducing dependence on motor vehicles.

Parramatta Square Project

Description: The six stages of Parramatta Square project

“Parramatta City Council is the first local government in Australia to seek a Green Star – Communities rating, and is also the first local government to specify Green Star ratings for each building across an entire precinct,” said GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew.

“We applaud Parramatta City Council’s leadership and are very excited to be working with the Council to realise its vision for a community that meets world-leading social, economic and environmental benchmarks.”

The Parramatta Square project is divided into six stages. The first involves a commercial 24,500 square metre 5 Green Star office tower designed by Architectus, which is expected to be completed in 2015.

The second comprises the construction of the Aspire Tower, a 90-storey building by Grimshaw designed to achieve a 5 Green Star rating, which will consist of 700 apartments, hotel, ground level retail, a skydeck and experience centre.

Stage three includes a 24,000 square metre office tower and 7,000 square metres of public facilities including a civic building, a community centre and a public library, with construction expected to start next year.

That will be followed by the construction of a 5,000 square metre, five-stage mixed use retail and commercial building central to the Parramatta Square Public Domain, with an upcoming design competition planned to determine its form.

160 Church Street

The future mixed-use tower on 160 Church Street, designed by Grimshaw

The fifth and sixth stages will involve the creation of two 100,000 square metre commercial office towers and will also be subject to a design competition.

Due to the high significance of the project, Parramatta Square will be assessed against the Green Star – Communities best practice benchmarks for environmental sustainability, design excellence, governance and innovation.

“A Green Star – Communities rating will give residents, businesses, investors and Parramatta City Council independent proof that Parramatta Square delivers environmental, economic and social sustainability not just now, but for decades to come,” Madew said.