Another architecture body has joined calls for stimulus as the impact of COVID-19 continues to weigh on the construction sector.

The Association of Consulting Architects (ACA) has called for governments to bring forward public works projects in cities and regional locations.

“The ACA welcomes the decision of the federal government to extend the JobKeeper package, but it strongly reiterates the call for increased government stimulus for the building industry, by investing carefully in useful public work projects such as school, health and community initiatives,” the association said.

The ACA’s call follows earlier calls for stimulus measures by the Australian Institute of Architects, which called for more investment in social housing and greater incentives for homeowners to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes.

The calls follow evidence that the architecture profession is being impacted by COVID.

All up, two thirds of participants surveyed in the third of the ACA’s series of Pulse Check surveys say they have lost 30 percent or more of their revenue whilst eight in ten have had projects put on hold.

An AIA survey released this week, meanwhile, indicated that 87 percent of architects have had projects stall whilst two thirds (68 percent) had either become unemployed or had a change in their employment status.