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Amicus Interiors Harwired for Fitouts

Thursday, June 26th, 2014
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Prominent interior fitout firm Amicus Interiors, has completed another stellar project at 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne for Hardwire, creating a stylish and creative interior office space in under eight weeks.

Amicus was engaged to refurbish the company’s existing tenancy into a fresh office reflecting the creative agency’s new brand. The company also wanted to downsize from 650 to 400 square metres and implement breakout areas and fun spaces.
“Working with clients like Hardwire is great fun, their creativity allows us to think outside the box and create a fitout that is functional as well as cool,” said Mr Andrew Holder, CEO of Amicus Interiors.

The new $300,000 fitout was designed to increase natural light and create spaces that facilitate staff collaboration.
Amicus reconfigured six areas, offices and meeting rooms as well as implementing new workstations and creating a brand new reception area.

Artwork was implemented into breakout areas and primary colours were utilised to further brighten the space. By removing the carpet and leaving the concrete slabs exposed, Amicus were able to create an industrial-style space that complemented the bright walls.

The main challenge was reconfiguring the air conditioning and power to benefit the new office. Amicus were able to navigate this successfully and still complete the project on time.

“We were working to a tight deadline but were able to find a solution to deliver the project under budget and on time,” said Mr Holder.

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