Amicus Interiors Delivers for “The Good Guys”

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
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Leading interior fitout firm Amicus Interiors, has created an exciting and fresh office space for The Good Guys new support centre at Essendon Fields, Victoria.

 Completing the physical build of the project in nine weeks, Amicus partnered with interior designers PTID, to transform the workplace into a dynamic and collaborative space for employees.

Amicus was tasked to consolidate five sites into one central location to serve as a national operations centre for over 500 staff. At 6,300 square metres, the area now provides a modern and open plan work space that is a platform for the new generation of The Good Guys as it continues its growth and development.

" It was great to be able to work with The Good Guys and to bring to life its vision of a space that fosters a sense of cultural alignment and a greater interaction between staff. We had to ensure that the space culturally and environmentally had the right aesthetic look and feel whilst ensuring the budget was maintained," said Mr Andrew Holder, CEO of Amicus Interiors.

The Good Guys spent two years working with key stakeholders and staff to develop the goals and objectives behind the move before choosing Amicus as a service provider that culturally and commercially aligned with the requirements.

Amicus has delivered a state-of-the-art facility that maintains The Good Guys wish of a space that is modern, light and bright whilst understated. The use of warm natural colours as well as industrial materials supplied by The Good Guys has resulted in a modern look and feel.

The office configuration allows for abundant natural light, with the floorplates designed to focus light to the centre of the building flooding the open plan design with sunlight. The staff hubs are located around a central atrium which adds to the collaborative style of working and a 'town square' centre piece is large enough for the 500 staff to use as a break out space.

"Pulling everybody under the same roof where they could all work together is the biggest prize that we were hoping to get out of this project," said Peter Sinodinos, Group General Manager Retail Operations, The Good Guys.

The space has been designed with staff needs at the forefront of the process giving them an environment that is positive and exciting to work within. Features of the new work space include a green room, conference rooms, a larger purpose built kitchen and smaller kitchen facilities on every level that facilitate the ability to communicate, collaborate and work cross-functionally.

"It's invigorating to be working in such a remarkable environment, we need this move to bring about cultural change and we need to look at how we use these new facilities and what they have to offer. It will be great to have more casual meetings in one of the staff hubs rather than locking ourselves away in meeting rooms," said Michael Ford, CEO, The Good Guys.

Purpose built 'Focus Rooms' were requested at the beginning of the design process and are punctuated throughout the building. They offer staff a space where they can comfortably and privately deal with their personal affairs without having to wander to the outside of the building or car park.

The once in a generation move represents an enormous milestone in the history of both the support centre and company as a whole as it comes together to one central location.



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