Monday, September 8th, 2014
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Amicus Interiors, has recently completed the design and construct of global digital media company Perform Group’s Sydney office at Level 16, 100 William Street ahead of schedule.

Awarded the contract to design and construct the 500 square metre space, the Perform Group had four main objectives that Amicus had to deliver.

Amicus had to first provide work space to accommodate the company's additional staff, secondly create a balanced "work play" environment, thirdly meet the global branding standard of the Perform Group and lastly deliver all of this within a restricted budget.

"The Perform Group was a great team to work alongside throughout the different stages of the project. We were able to use the company's design guide to generate a modern fitout that reflects Perform and its continuing growth. We also successfully delivered the project ahead of schedule and within budget," said Mr Andrew Holder, CEO of Amicus Interiors.

Amicus based the fitout design on a book which was being developed by Perform Group that dictated the look and feel of the company. The "Play Book" essentially formed a style guide which is followed by Perform internationally.

Employee needs were also key to the design of the fitout with the promotion of a good "work/play" environment being crucial to the changes. To meet these requirements Amicus included a break out space which gives staff the option of working in an informal environment, quiet rooms for focused activity and new look meeting rooms.

The refurbishment also had to provide enough space for the new communications staff who had relocated from the Melbourne office.

The office is visually impressive and highlights the company's multimedia sports background by including large images of significant sporting stars and inspirational quotes. Amicus also incorporated an alternative security solution for Perform's Global Security which the company decided to include in the changes.

A key challenge during the fitout was that the stakeholders were based in the UK. To overcome this conference calls to stakeholders were made at times that suited both parties and regular minutes were updated and provided to all stakeholders ensuring everyone was aware of the projects development.

It was also crucial that costs were continuously monitored as the budget was strict and had to be maintained. In order to ensure that all costs were accounted for Amicus created cost summary reports and a tracker that was used to manage expenses and keep in line with Perform Group's budget.

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