As building conditions improve, architecture and design has emerged as the biggest area of employment growth out of any sector across Australia, according to the latest survey.

Unveiling its analysis of job ads posted on its site, employment advertising web site Seek said advertisements within the architecture and design sector throughout 2014 were up by 42 percent compared with 2013 – more than any other sector in the economy (see chart) – and that within the sector, demand had been particularly strong in general architecture, landscape architecture, architectural drafting, illustration and animation, interior design and urban design and planning (see chart).

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Moreover, there are growing signs that momentum within the sector is continuing to increase, with job ads up 53 percent year-on-year last month and the profession having led the nation in terms of employment advertisements for each of the last three months.

Around Australia, demand for architecture and design services is being driven by a boom in new home construction and a modest recovery in commercial building activity, which has seen a surge in demand for work on mixed-use and multi-residential apartments as well as to a lesser extent on detached housing and office building.

Demand has been particularly strong in Sydney and New South Wales, where several years of low building activity is driving demand for new housing and work on projects like Barangaroo and the remake of Darling Harbour are underpinning healthy levels of commercial building demand.

Moreover, in the residential sector at least, there are signs that momentum will continue notwithstanding expectations that apartment building activity has peaked amid anticipation of improving activity in detached house building and a gradual pickup in housing renovation work.

In commercial or non-residential building, meanwhile, indications are mixed as current building approval data is not encouraging but property sector executives expect strong growth in work on aged care and retirement living facilities as well as good growth in work on hotels and resorts and shopping centre and retail outlets.

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Melbourne based Bespoke Recruitment Managing Director Kate Owens welcomed the latest data, saying higher levels of market confidence were driving a broadening in demand which was now spreading to smaller practices and leading to the creation of more permanent roles as well as temporary work.

“We saw this across the range of companies from smaller private practices as well as larger commercial architecture practices”, Owens is quoted as saying on Architecture & Design.

“Previously, there was a heavy lean towards casual/contract staff in 2013.”

The latest data follows earlier ABS data indicating that employment throughout the broader construction sector is at record highs.