An increased focus on integrating nature into dense, metropolitan areas has inspired one architect to consider an urban escape, right in the heart of a forest.

Designed by architect Aibek Almasov of A.Masow Design Studio, ‘Tree in a House’ is a 40-foot transparent architectural structure located in the middle of the mountainous forests of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The cylindrical home is constructed from four metal poles that support the structure and the design features a continous spiral staircase which lines the double glazed glass walls, making the home completely transparent.

While the home is surrounded by trees, the boundaries of forest and architecture are blurred with the structure itself surrounding a giant fir tree which runs through the centre of the concrete and wooden floors.

Tree in the house

Tree in the house – aerial view

Tree in a House is designed to house two people and cost £240,000 to build, a far more modest price tag than the £625,000 cost of other residencies in the area.

Almasov wanted to the structure to demonstrate more fusion with nature.

“The house has to be something that can only develop your spiritual and creative development,” Almasov says on his website. “The project aims to offer an alternative to bustling city life and stifling urban structures by fusing a protective house and a natural environment without creating a visual separation.”

Almasov was commissioned for the project by a 38-year-old businessman last year who was seeking a retreat from the working life.

Tree in the house

Tree in the house – close up

The sustainable credentials of the structure have yet to be revealed and the complete transparency of the structure has raised privacy concerns, but Almasov has already received several requests from buyers interested in their own glass houses in a similar vein.

While the minimalist concept of Tree in a House is quite new, forests look to be the new urban retreat as an abundance of glass houses are popping up all over the globe across rainforests and mountain areas.

Glass if often the material of choice for these structures, allowing inhabitants to feel fully immersed in nature.