As the jobs recovery continues, architects around Australia are finally starting to enjoy greater pay increases, a new report says.

Releasing the results of its 2015 National Salary Survey, the Association of Consulting Architects in Australia (ACA) found that remuneration within the architecture profession is finally back on the rise after several years during which architects received modest increases in pay at best.

Whereas less than half of firms surveyed in 2014 offered pay increases of three per cent or more last year, around two-thirds (66 per cent) have been able to do so in 2015.

According to ACA, the number of firms offering below award increases below the rate of inflation shrank dramatically. A small number of firms had offered rises of more than 10 per cent in 2015, whereas none had done so in 2014.

In terms of specific roles, BIM managers and modellers continued to outstrip other technicians in terms of salary rises, while the number of practices employing students (55 per cent) was up on last year (45 per cent).

Still, there were areas of concern.

Based on survey responses given, it appeared that some practices were still paying salaries which were below legal minimums as stipulated under the Architects Award, though it is possible that these figures may be anomalies as an outcome of some respondents not including superannuation and packaged benefits in their figures.

In addition, the Association noted the existence of gender pay gaps in all but three of the 10 levels surveyed and warned that the ongoing suggestions of gender based pay gaps in this and other data was cause for concern.

“The ACA urges all practices to understand the issue and the role they can play in addressing it – and remember that there is a clear business case for pay equity, as well as the obvious ethical issue,” the Association said. “We encourage members to familiarise themselves with the Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice, which include a guide specifically on Pay Equity.”

Around Australia, the employment market within the architecture profession has improved dramatically as the housing and apartment building boom drives new opportunities for work, especially on multi-residential projects.

Recent data from employment advertising web site Seek (May 2015) suggests advertisements have risen by more than 25 per cent over the past year in illustration and animation, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning and design.