The construction industry continues to be among the busiest industries in Australia. In your current day to day work, you are likely using and applying the NCC (2019) – being confident in your understanding is crucial.

The Australian Building Codes Board’s (ABCB) online NCC CPD courses can help you achieve compliant outcomes.

If you have purchased an NCC CPD course and it’s on the “I’ll get to it later” list, then now is the time to get to it! These high quality online courses can only help build your knowledge once you have completed them – so please block out some time in your calendar to complete the courses you have already purchased as soon as you can.

If you are looking for more courses – perhaps with your end of CPD year coming up soon – below is a reminder of what we have available. You can also check out the NCC CPD website for further information at

Courses for design practitioners

Many architects are coming up to CPD year end, so our one and 2 hour courses are a good choice, as they are not only relevant and high quality, but are also recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects as Formal CPD through its Refuel CPD Program. Courses include ‘Designing in Bushfire Prone Areas’; ‘Pathways to Compliance’ and ‘Fire Safety’. Find out more.

Courses for construction practitioners

While business looks set to be ramping up over winter, now is a good time to build your knowledge on ‘Stairways in Residential and Commercial Buildings’ or making sure your foundations are solid with ‘Understanding Standards and Other Referenced Documents’. These one-hour courses can be completed on mobile devices anywhere, and you can pause and resume as you need to.  Find out more.

Courses for compliance practitioners

Practitioners such as building surveyors play a crucial role in Australians having confidence that buildings are compliant with NCC requirements. Our courses on ‘Performance Solutions’ and ‘Evidence of Suitability’ are here to help compliance practitioners to validate and support innovation while remaining compliant with NCC 2019.  Find out more.

Courses for fire protection practitioners

In many circumstances, loss of life can be eliminated through effective fire protection. A good and up-to-date understanding of the NCC plays a critical role in this protection. Our online, one-hour courses can help you maintain and build on your NCC knowledge. Our courses on ‘Fire Safety Systems’ and ‘Passive Fire Protection’ are created with fire protection practitioners in mind, they may be relevant for other practitioners too. Find out more.

Courses for engineering practitioners

With the complex nature of engineering, it is essential that engineers understand the NCC. Our courses start with the foundation, being the ‘NCC Fundamentals for Engineers’, which solidifies the knowledge of engineering practitioners. Take it further with the course ‘Performance-based engineering solutions’ which includes recognising the Governing Requirements when developing a Performance Solution to comply with the NCC. Performance Solutions allows engineers to explore innovative design elements, save costs, and use standards not referenced by the NCC. Find out more.

Courses for plumbers

With winter starting to settle in, being sure that your knowledge of ‘Heated Water Services’ has not gone cold is a great idea. Of course, that is once you are sure you understand the PCA with ‘How the PCA Works’. Find out more.