Workers’ lives are being put at risk at an active NSW construction site where asbestos was found, the CFMEU says.

The union says it was notified late on Friday that asbestos had been found on the site of the $600 million redevelopment of Sutherland Hospital in southern Sydney suburb of Caringbah.

Union organiser Nicholas Rekes said the union officials arrived at the site on Saturday morning to find workers were still operating near an area where asbestos was visible.

Asbestos was also found in the soil near where work was continuing, he said.

Mr Rekes said he asked builder Richard Crookes to at least move workers further away from the possibly contaminated area.

“This shows a complete contempt for workers’ safety on a government job that is ironically about delivering better health care services,” Mr Rekes said in a statement.

He said NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner needed to step in and stop work at the site until it had been cleared of asbestos.

  • Yes, just another example of the appalling record of all 'regulators' It was only last month that we had the report of asbestos at the WA Hospital .Safety is a patent nil priority. Lives simply do not matter – be they workers on the hospital in this case – or residents, patients, visitors – no-one matters! The almighty dollar drives policy – and zero enforcement of 'laws' mean that such are effectively non-existent.
    I read the other day that the ACCC is the SAFETY regulator! This was in relation to the injurious Thermomix – at least 18 people injured to date. Choice broke the story – and it included its concerns over the use of 'Non-disclosure Agreements' – these designed to keep the truth from the public! Read the Herald Sun article of 11 August 2016.
    It leaves one so angry and the community are rightly fed up.

  • I suppose Peter Dutton will blame this one on the CFMEU as well?

    Episodes like this illustrate the still brazen attitudes of some builders when it comes to working with asbestos. When asbestos is discovered, you stop work until it has been removed.

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