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Tuesday December 11, 2018

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Oct 31 2018
Architects Must Overcome Engineering Detail Challenge

For many architects in Australia, a core part of their roles involves the ability to think, dream and create.

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Jul 20 2018
Victorian Rort 'Architect' Defends Scheme

A man labelled the architect of Victorian Labor's $388,000 rorts-for-votes scheme has defended the operation, saying he thought it was fine because parliament kept paying the...

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Feb 2 2018
Project Architects, Revit Technicians in Good Demand

Project lead architects as well as Revit technicians have emerged as likely areas of demand for architectural staff early in the new year, a new report...

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7 Dec, 2017
Is Regulation Smothering Innovation in Architecture?

By all means the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre represented an example of what can be achieved through true architectural innovation.

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