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Sunday May 19, 2019

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Urban Planning
Feb 28 2019
Affordable Housing Close to City Brings Billions in Economic Benefits

NSW could unleash more than $17 billion in economic gains through providing more affordable housing closer to the city, a new report has found.

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Urban Planning
31 Oct, 2018
Australia Must Better Plan Regional Communities and Towns

For former Sydney-based couple Scott and Michelle Robertson, the move to Wagga Wagga 450 kilometres away has been one of the best decisions of their lives.

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Urban Planning
13 Jun, 2018
Share Bike Company 'Pulls Out' of Melbourne

The distinctive yellow rental bicycles will disappear from Melbourne's streets as the Singapore-based oBike company shuts up shop.

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Urban Planning
20 Mar, 2018
Future Transport Strategy Supports More Housing Density

The release of the Future Transport Strategy 2056 by Transport for NSW supports more housing density.

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Urban Planning
15 Mar, 2018
"Big Australia’’ Programs Lacked Planning Perspective

University of Melbourne researchers have discovered how to retrofit homes to be more energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting electricity bills significantly.

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Urban Planning
15 Mar, 2018
Re-imaging Campbelltown a good response to the City Deal

The release of the Re-imagining Campbelltown proposal by Campbelltown City Council is an excellent response to the Western Sydney City Deal.

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Urban Planning
9 Mar, 2018
Qld's Land Clearing Laws Reintroduced

Laws to limit land clearing in Queensland have been reintroduced to state parliament, without a controversial clause forcing farmers to prove they hadn't been cutting down...

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Urban Planning
28 Feb, 2018
Infrastructure Australia Calls for National Leadership on Cities

A new report from Infrastructure Australia is calling for the Federal government to have a greater leadership role in securing the global competitiveness of our largest...

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Urban Planning
23 Jan, 2018
SA: No Comment on SA Plan for Electric Cars

British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta is seeking to buy some of Holden's assets at its shuttered Adelaide factory with a view to building electric cars on the...

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