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Friday January 18, 2019

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14 Sep, 2018
Climate Targets 'Not the Question'

Deputy Liberal leader and federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg has argued the conversation around energy policy needs to shift away from carbon emissions.

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7 Sep, 2018
Climate Top Threat to Pacific: Leaders

Australia's signing of a declaration calling climate change the "single greatest threat" to the Pacific region must be followed up with real action on emissions, environmental...

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6 Sep, 2018
Morrison Weighs up Drought-proofing Tools

A national water transport network to help farmers is one proposal Prime Minister Scott Morrison will look at to guard against future droughts.

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6 Sep, 2018
Qld Pursuing Adani for Alleged Breaches

The Queensland government is taking legal action against Indian mining giant Adani for allegedly releasing sediment water eight times over the allowed limit into the Great...

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23 Aug, 2018
Sydney's Desalination Plant being Tested

Work is underway preparing Sydney's desalination plant so it can be switched on if the city's dam levels continue to fall during the NSW drought.

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10 Aug, 2018
NSW Open to Army Support in Tackling Drought

NSW may call on the army to help drought-stricken farmers if the situation gets worse, the premier says.

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3 Aug, 2018
QLD:Hinchinbrook Cleanup After Effluent Spill

The Queensland government has been forced to step in and plug a hole in funding which has seen a sewerage treatment plant in the state's north...

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20 Jul, 2018
Sydney Waste Incinerator Plans Refused

A plan to build a controversial waste incinerator in Sydney's west has been knocked back but there are fears a new application could be made unless...

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5 Jul, 2018
Pull Out of Paris Agreement, Abbott Urges

Former prime minister Tony Abbott wants the government to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, saying it would be the best way to keep energy...

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