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Saturday February 23, 2019

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Fed Govt Challenged on Coal after Glencore

The federal government needs to rethink its defence of coal after Australia's biggest producer said it would cap output of the valuable commodity to help reduce...

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Feb 20 2019
Victoria to End Energy Price Fruit Salad

Not a basket case, but a fruit bowl - that's how the Victorian government has described the state's energy pricing structure, while announcing plans for an...

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Feb 13 2019
Govt Warns Against NSW Greens Solar Push

The NSW Greens want to spend $1.25 billion to double the number of homes and small businesses with solar panels in four years but the state...

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Feb 12 2019
Renewables Not Responsible for Outages, Grattan Says

Blaming renewable energy for failures of the reliability of Australia's electricity supply is wrong and dangerous, a new report says. 

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Feb 11 2019
No interest loans for NSW household solar

Up to 300,000 households across NSW will be able to install solar panels and batteries with no upfront costs under an interest-free loan scheme offered by...

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Feb 11 2019
Energy projects awarded almost $10m

A "traffic controller" program on the NSW electricity grid to control energy sent to the system from household rooftop solar or batteries is among projects receiving...

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Feb 8 2019
Waste Will Power New Victorian Paper Mill

A Victorian paper mill is set to be powered by a new $600 million waste plant and generate more than 1000 jobs. 

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Feb 6 2019
NSW 'Suffered 27 Power Plant Breakdowns'

Gas and coal-fired power stations in NSW broke down more than two dozen times last year - including one that is only 10 years old.

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Feb 1 2019
Plans for 66 Power Stations Seek Govt Cash

The federal government has received 66 submissions from power generators looking for taxpayer money to underwrite new investments.

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