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Tuesday June 18, 2019

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Mar 15 2019
Green Building Council Gets New Leader

Australia’s most influential body for promoting sustainable construction is set to get a new leader.

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Jan 17 2019
Melbourne Wins Race to Full Renewables

Melbourne City Council says it has become the first Australian capital city council to be powered entirely by renewables as energy from a purpose-built wind farm...

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5 Nov, 2018
Low Carbon Homes for Low Income Households

When Chris White and Chelsea Mclean moved into their newly rented home in Ballarat last July, what they found was not pleasant.

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1 Aug, 2018
PVC Recycling in Hospitals Program Targets 150-hospitals

Since its launch in 2009, the innovative waste management and recycling program has grown to operate in 138 hospitals throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is...

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15 Mar, 2018
Retrofitting Homes to Improve Energy Ratings and Reduce Emissions

University of Melbourne researchers have discovered how to retrofit homes to be more energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting electricity bills significantly.

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2 Feb, 2018
Victoria Greens Vow to Stop New Apple Store

The Victorian Greens are determined to stop a controversial plan to demolish part of Melbourne's Federation Square to make way for a new Apple store.

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20 Dec, 2017
SA Boycotts Murray Water Savings

South Australia has pulled the plug on a package of water saving measures along the Murry-Darling Basin after the failure of the nation's water ministers to...

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