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Monday May 27, 2019

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May 22 2019
APRA Looks to Ease Home Landing Restrictions

Australians wishing to borrow to finance home purchases may soon find financing easier under a loosening of restrictions being proposed by the banking regulator.

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May 13 2019
First Home Buyers to get Aid with Deposit

First home buyers will get government support with their 20 per cent house deposit whoever wins the federal election on May 18.

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May 13 2019
Election a Wildcard for Housing Market

The outcome of the federal election could be a wildcard for the housing market amid signs the worst of the downturn in prices may be over,...

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May 2 2019
House Price Fall Continues to Slow

The decline in house and apartment prices throughout Australia is continuing to ease, the latest data suggests.

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Apr 10 2019
Housing Shortage Forcing Women to Return to Violent Partners

A lack of affordable housing could mean that women who suffer from family violence may return to their violent partners, a new report has found.

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Apr 8 2019
First Home Buyers Bigger Share of Market

Australians buying their first home are making up a bigger share of all people purchasing properties throughout the nation.

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Apr 2 2019
House Price Falls Slow Down

The pace of decline in new home values throughout Australia has eased, the latest data shows.

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Mar 29 2019
Negative Gearing Change in Jan Under Labor

Federal Labor would introduce its changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax by January 1 next year if the party wins the May election.

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Mar 25 2019
Larger Land Suburbs Buck Housing Downturn Trend

Suburbs with larger land sizes are bucking the trend in terms of the housing market decline, the latest analysis has found.

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