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Tuesday November 20, 2018

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Nov 12 2018
Home Buyers Should be Aware of Major Pitfalls

If you buy a $10 item of clothing that turns out to be faulty, you can usually get a refund or replacement fairly easily. Buy a...

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Nov 6 2018
Frequently Asked Property Depreciation Questions

As a building gets older and items within it wear out, they depreciate in value. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property investors to claim a...

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Sep 27 2018
Home Prices fell 0.7% in June Quarter

Home prices in Australian capital cities fell by 0.7 per cent in the three months to June.

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Sep 18 2018
Regional NSW Home Values to Outgrow Sydney

Sydney's property market has long held a mortgage on real estate headlines, but analysts say home values in regional NSW are poised for stronger growth than...

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Sep 12 2018
Housing Shouldn't Hit Bank Stability: RBA

A senior Reserve Bank official has downplayed the chances of a slowdown in Australia's once-booming housing market undermining the stability of the country's banks, saying the...

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Aug 31 2018
Less Building May Lift Home Prices: Report

House prices are cooling off in Sydney and Melbourne but could rise again as the pace of new home building slows, a report has warned.

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Jul 25 2018
Queensland Developers Ignored Warning Signs: analyst

Tumbling Brisbane apartment prices and rising investor defaults have been blamed on developers and lenders failing to heed the obvious warnings signs.

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Jul 24 2018
Housing 'Credit Crunch' Hightens Risk

Rising global interest rates and tighter bank lending risk triggering a "mini-credit crunch" that could send Australia's house prices, a new report warns.

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Jul 24 2018
Victoria Renters Want Energy Efficiency Reform

Victorian renters are joining the call from a leading environmental group for a compulsory level of energy efficiency standards, including insulation, in homes available for lease.

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