Searing Australian heatwaves will feel cool by 2090 if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t reduced, a leading climate scientist says.

A new report reveals Australia’s hottest year on record would not have happened without climate change.

The country experienced its hottest day, month, season and calendar year in 2013, registering a mean temperature 1.2C above the 1961-90 average.

The Climate Council says recent studies show those heat events would have occurred only once every 12,300 years without greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

Professor Will Steffen says life will be tough by 2090 if emissions aren’t reduced to stablise the climate.

“What you consider an extreme heat event now would be a normal summer by the middle of the century,” the author of Quantifying the Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Heat in Australia told reporters on Saturday.

“By 2090, when my grandkids are around, that’s going to be a cool summer.”

“You don’t want to live in that world.

“There’s even questions in the research community about whether societies will be viable in that world.”

Based on analyses of data and model outputs, the report says climate change triples the odds that heatwaves of the 2012-13 Australian summer will happen as frequently as they do.

It also doubles the chances of them being as intense.

Mr Steffen found record hot days have doubled in Australia the last 50 years, and that during the past decade heat weather records were set three times more often than cold ones.

The report also claims heatwaves across Australia are becoming hotter, lasting longer, occurring more often and starting earlier.

Mr Steffen said Australia must harness its rich renewable energy resources, such as solar, and phase out fossil fuels like coal.

Climate Council chief councillor Professor Tim Flannery said one of the key ways to combat the issue was a price on carbon.

“But it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight, this is going to take years and decades to reduce the pollution to where it needs to be,” he said.

  • And yet the office of Prime Minister continues to be held by a climate change denialist, hell bent on winding back the country's renewable energy and sustainability initiatives….

  • Tim Flannery says that the way to tackle this problem is a price on carbon. How does making our coal power electricity more expensive make the problem disappear? We could become a carbon neutral country with the widespread adoption of nuclear but that would have no effect on Australia or the planet as a whole as we would only counteract one months rise in China's CO2 output. Please think about and try to understand this, Australia's emissions have no effect on Australia's climate, total global emissions do. Anything we do other than adapting to the change is nothing more than a futile gesture.

    • A carbon tax will only make it harder on the poor. The rich people like Al Gore and James Packer just to mention a couple, they still have their mansions and their casinos shining like the sun with lights, and fully climate controlled. While the poor people have to freeze in winter, and go to climate controlled supermarkets in their area to stay cool in summer or stay home and boil ,because they can't afford to pay their power bills.

  • We've heard enough nonsense from false Prophet Tim Flannery. I'm just astonished to even think that there are still some naive people left that still believe anything that this clown have to say.
    I would like the climate change commission to publish every prophesy to the public at large ,that this false global warming Prophet Tim has prophesied ever since he stopped being a paleaontologist.

    • Isn't it amazing how all the prohecies from these false prophets have failed to materialise but nobody seems to bring them to task.
      BTW does Tim still own his waterside property?

  • Here they go again,predicting something 75 years into the future using the false figures produced by various weather bureaus.
    The reason for so many records is that in Australia the BoM has a very perculiar habit of adjusting the data upwards.

  • it seems to me that mr flannery is trying to push this even harder now . Why? does he need to try and hypnotise people into thinking he is right so he gets some funding back from the goverment ? is there not plenty of non funded scientists who dont worry about too much funding at all that disprove all these theorys ? the only ones that blabber on seem to be the goverment funded ones.. it is hard to get any funding unless you scream climate change and that is a fact. i will go with the scientists who have been around longer than the muppets who have adavanced on from the likes of maurice strongs and al gores of the world. it is also to be noted that we have had warm periods b4 which are sometimes, i mean most times ignored.. the medievil warm period,,the roman climate potimum and so on.. it was hoitter back then and there was no factorys and 4wd back then.. or do they blame the horse and cart? all propoganda for taxes and people to live of funding or have their hand in the till with solar or wind companys like mr gore

  • Hypocrite: Someone who tells everyone else to stop using fossil fuels to reduce climate change, then chooses to burn fossil jet fuel to fly overseas for a holiday.

    I caught Will Steffen deliberately misrepresenting Avalon Airport's maximum temperature as Melbourne's maximum temperature on Radio National several years back. Looks like he is back to his best.

  • Flannery & Steffen ?…Sounds more like the duo of Flanagan & Allen whose comedy duo acts of yesteryear gave the world a belly laugh.
    This last week has seen a preponderance of alarmist predictions of planet heating. Is it coincidental so as to camouflage the absolutely abnormal cold climate patterns inflicting the eastern USA.
    These doomsayers have only one saving grace. They will not be around in 2090 to confess " YES….we did tell porkies because it was a good idea at that time…and YES…it was a Socialist ideology that the solution lay in taxes & money churn and YES…we now agree that nuclear power was the best energy source of which Australia has an abundance"

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