The Queensland Children’s Hospital won the Future Health Project Award at the recent 2013 Design and Health International Academy Awards.

Continuing a streak of Australian hospitals paving the way for international healthcare design, the win for Queensland comes a year after the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne took home the same honours.

The 9th Design and Health World Congress and Exhibition was held in Brisbane from July 10 to 14 to coincide the award ceremony.

Industry experts from over 40 countries met at the event to collaborate on ideas for the future of global healthcare and design with a general theme of treating disease in a more holistic way.

queensland children hospital

Queensland Children Hospital – Enterance

The Queensland Children’s Hospital design was lauded around the world for its work in changing the role of hospitals and creating a vision for healing and healthy environments.

The hospital is located in Southbank, Brisbane and is set for completion in 2014. The estimated cost of the project is $1.1 billion.

The ‘super hospital’ joins the existing Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s Hospitals as a new state-of-the-art facility for paediatric care.

The design, by firm Conrad Gargett Lyons, is based on the form of a tree’s trunk and branches, providing integral linkages and a rich community environment.

queensland children hospital reception

Queensland Children Hospital – Reception

Bruce Wolfe, managing director at Conrad Gargett Riddel, says the critical elements of the design are access to fresh air, natural light and landscaping which work together to create a healing environment.

“Patients can experience a greater sense of wellbeing when spaces are designed to feel less institutional through abundant natural light and access to landscape,” he said. “And areas for social interaction and reflection are important.”

Health industry experts from all over the world were invited to tour and learn from the facility design over the course of the five-day World Congress and Exhibition.

Wolfe says the hospital aims to educate the community about the link between health treatment and healthy lifestyles.

queensland children hospital lobby

Queensland Children Hospital – Lobby

“The way these facilities are planned should be extensions of the community and focus not only on the prevention of illness but also on providing inspiration for living,” he said.