The head of the Property Council of Australia has flagged a potential move abroad after stepping down from his position following a tenure of 22 years.

Peter Verwer, the chief executive of the Property Council of Australia, has announced that he will step down from the position with a view to pursuing other opportunities abroad.

“I have served my apprenticeship with the Property Council, international opportunities beckon,” said Verwer.

Verwer has held the position of chief executive of the Property Council of Australia for over two decades, and was first  appointed to the position back in 1992.

The outgoing chief executive said that he was satisfied with the financial condition of the Property Council at the time of his departure.

“The Property Council is very resilient and financially sustainable so I can leave it knowing the organisation is in great financial shape,” said Verwer.

The board of the Property Council has already appointed a team which includes president Darren Steinberg to commence the process of locating a replacement.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), of which Verwer is a founding board director, lauded his contributions to the nation’s property and construction industry during his 22-year tenure as chief executive of the Property Council.

According to the GBCA Verwer has been a “vocal supporter” of the Green Star rating system, whose contributions to nation’s leading green building body have been nothing short of invaluable.

“The GBCA’s leadership team is particularly grateful for Peter’s generosity, guidance and support over many years,” said GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew. “Anyone who has worked with him knows that a roll of the eyes from Peter Verwer is worth more than a thousand words from a politician.”

As the chief executive of the Property Council of Australia, Verwer headed the nation’s leading advocate for its investment property industry, as well as chaired or was a member of numerous public and private sector bodies, including Livable Housing Australia, the Australian Construction Industry Forum, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council and the Green Building Council of Australia.