In a call to arms Minerals Council of Australia boss Brendan Pearson has launched a campaign to stifle the catchcries of "noisy extremists" he says are threatening the industry's future.

Despite growing opposition to fossil fuels and science which links burning coal to climate change, Mr Pearson says a silent majority of Australians still support the sector.

“The campaign to end coal production and exports will fail,” he said in a statement.

Critics are yet to say what material can replace coal in the construction process of vital structures such as bridges, schools, hospitals and trains, Mr Pearson said.

He said modern coal-fired power stations have cut carbon emissions by 30 per cent and the industry supports 200,000 jobs and generates $40 billion in exports.

Coal will remain the region’s primary source of affordable energy and the basis of its energy security, he said.

The council is urging people to visit its new-look website and endorse an automated email which will be sent to MPs and coal opponents, extolling coal’s benefits.

“Activist groups are openly distorting the facts and scaremongering,” the email reads.