Western Australia's police minister wants the public to develop a "big city mentality" about home security, warning Perth is no longer a big country town.

Liza Harvey says the community is making it too easy for criminals to steal property, with nearly one third of burglaries committed through unlocked doors and windows.

A survey of criminals found 66 per cent of them admitted all burglaries they committed were on unlocked property, with a marked increase in property theft during the summer months, Ms Harvey said on Sunday.

“It’s not a big country town anymore, so we really do need to be thinking with a big city mentality about locking our windows and doors and securing our belongings,” she told reporters.

Ms Harvey said more than half of the offenders admitted stealing to maintain a drug habit, most commonly methamphetamine.

The police minister said an advertising campaign will be launched, urging the public to lock their property after a serious spike in break-ins over recent months.

“By getting the community to join police in making it tougher for crooks, we can have a real impact on crime.”

Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said the advertising campaign was a waste of money and the state government must take responsibility for WA’s rising crime rates.

“I think most people understand you need to lock your doors and windows and I think the government is making up excuses because their new policing model isn’t working and their police are too stretched,” he told reporters.