The NSW premier is confident the new Allianz Stadium will be completed by 2022 as planned, despite there being no company contracted to build it.

The state government on Friday confirmed that the stage two offer from Lendlease, which knocked down the venue at Moore Park, did not meet its expectations and it was looking for another builder.

It’s understood while Lendlease did bid for the construction phase, the government wanted the firm to do the work for less than it thought feasible without cutting corners.

The total budget for knocking down and rebuilding the state is $729 million.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the government wanted to get the best value for money and Lendlease could not deliver that.

“The advice provided to government was that we could get a better deal and that’s what we’re doing,” she told reporters on Monday.

“We won’t be taken for a ride. We don’t anyone to take for granted the NSW taxpayer. We don’t want anyone to take the government for granted.”

Ms Berejiklian said there were “many good people” who could build the stadium and expected to issue a contract shortly.

“I’m absolutely confident we’ll stick to the timeline,” she said.

The project is scheduled for completion by early 2022.

The coalition government has also vowed to refurbish ANZ Stadium at Olympic Park at a cost of $810 million.

The projects follow the new $360 million Parramatta Stadium – built by Lendlease – which was opened in mid-April.

Source: AAP