Water inside Perth's Optus Stadium has been given the all-clear for lead contamination despite independent testing which found high levels of the potentially toxic chemical in samples from nearby drinking fountains.

Tests conducted on drinking water from samples taken on Sunday at the stadium, and surrounding Stadium Park, reveal lead concentration levels well below Australian guidelines of 0.010mg/L.

Concerns over lead contamination were raised on the back independent tests by The Sunday Times on drinking fountains just outside the stadium, which found lead concentration 14 times the recommended health standards.

However, a VenuesWest spokeswoman said the latest tests had been shared with the Department of Health, which confirmed the water was safe to drink.

“The test results and our investigations further conclude that the testing undertaken by The Sunday Times was in absence of the strict standards and quality controls that apply under the Australian Standard for water quality sampling,” the spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Previous professional tests by the stadium were undertaken by the Stadium Project Team prior to the technical completion of the stadium in November and on February 16.