Two alleged travelling con men have been arrested in Melbourne over an "Irish roof scam", fleecing $260,000 from one victim to buy Rolex watches and designer clothes.

Police raided two properties on Thursday, arresting a 28-year-old man from Hadfield and a man, 29, from Heidelberg West.

It’s alleged the pair illegally obtained $260,000 from one of their victims and used the funds to purchase high-end Rolex watches and designer clothing.

It follows a police investigation into alleged deceptions by travelling con men operating “Irish roof scams” in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, with help from Australian Border Force.

Investigators believe a number of people may have been affected and further inquiries are being made.

The Hadfield man is charged with ten counts of obtain property by deception, while the Heidelberg West man is charged with six offences against the migration act.

Both were remanded in custody to face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Acting Inspector Scott Dwyer said police take these reports seriously, given the effect on victims.

“These types of deception offences can have a significant impact on people’s lives and are often targeted at more vulnerable members of our community. We don’t want to see anyone else fall victim to travelling con men,” he said.

Acting Insp Dwyer said travelling con men predominantly doorknock or letter-drop homes and businesses, offering to do maintenance and repair work such as asphalting, roof cleaning, tiling, painting or tree lopping.

He urged people to shop around for more than one written quote, rather than using a flyer to make a decision