“I walked into a Sicilian restaurant a few days ago in seaside Sorrento to be greeted by a colourful energetically brilliant group of Women. Thanks to “Feminae” I experienced a Women’s Day event that rocked.”

And why was I blown away. I try to ignore International Women’s Day events. Over the years they have been just boring. And thanks to Feminae this day was different.

We were a group of Women who challenged convention. Many were from European Migrant Families. And WOW these women knew how to be naughty, nice and have a good time. They led the unravelling of the day.

We spoke of our loves, our desires, our challenges, our achievements. The energy soared; the antipasto kept coming so did the vino. We were real, we revelled our life, our loves our wishes our desires unabridged. We were not the normal formal group of ladies politely listening to a speaker.

This was the best ever Women’s Day event. We walked away with a spring in our step thanks to the women from “Feminae”.  Busting to embrace our True Worth, our Power amongst a group of real, get dirty, brilliant women, who did not hold back on their Power.

How can you embrace that Brilliant Woman, inside you constantly in 2021? After a year of uncertainties and challenges we owe it to ourselves to enjoy great company, fabulous friends and ways to celebrate our gifts. Designers, Architects, the world needs your colour and flare. Just like these women in Sorrento.

And also, to break with convention.  Think about spending time with others You normally would not collaborate. As if Your brain and being has been dusted off and brought out to the world in another form or entity. Play around with this thinking. How can you blend your creative design uniqueness even further into our reassembled world? Instead of a uniform that was familiar to many of Us, of gym gear and track pants. I’m sure they were very nice, but dust off your sets, racks of costumes, gowns and go out and tread the “light fantastic” in a world that was called “normal” a year ago. Time to embrace Abnormality.

How about creating this year by Being Brilliant, Brave, Bold and “Go out get dirty and celebrate You”.

Sally Arnold March 2021.

Here’s the link for a chat, to help you “Create Your “Bold Brilliant Successful You” in 2021.   https://calendly.com/sally-arnold/free-15-minute-power-coaching-session