Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has registered its Property Development Master Plan to achieve a Green Star – Communities PILOT rating as part of its vision to create a vibrant centre for commerce, innovation and recreation and an internationally recognised model of sustainable development.

The Green Star – Communities rating tool is one of the world’s first independent, transparent, nationwide schemes designed to assess and certify the sustainability of community-level projects. It considers environmental sustainability – with elements such as minimising energy and water consumption and reducing dependence on motor vehicles – alongside broader issues such as economic prosperity, liveability and community health and well-being

“This is a significant step not just for Brisbane Airport, but also for the people of Brisbane, who will gain independent proof that their airport delivers environmental, economic and social sustainability not just now, but for decades to come,” says Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) chief executive Romilly Madew.

“A Green Star – Communities rating will provide BAC with independent verification and global recognition for this vision and its commitment to sustainable development.”

The Property Development Master Plan was released in 2012 as a 50-year vision for the land which can be developed around Brisbane Airport, the first plan of its kind for an airport in Australia.

Brisbane Airport may only be the third largest airport in Australia in terms of passenger numbers but it is Australia’s largest capital city airport by land size. There are more than 420 businesses located at the airport with a combined workforce of more than 19,000 people, which is similar to the total population of some of Australia’s regional cities such as Armidale in Northern NSW. The number of workers at the airport is expected to grow to 50,000 by 2029.

BCA Aerial Shot

Brisbane Airport Corporation – Aerial Shot

The Master Plan will guide the transformation of developable land through five distinct but connected development areas within Brisbane Airport’s 2,700 hectare lease holding.

The plan demonstrates Brisbane Airport’s essential point-of-difference as a large, strategic and uniquely positioned land holding and its ability to develop as a self-sustaining commercial centre for business and leisure that complements the CBD and supports the economic and cultural growth of Brisbane and Queensland.

“We welcome the opportunity to be involved in initiatives such as this pilot as it expands upon the environmental sustainability measures already in place, such as use of potable water and reduction in electricity consumption, and will strengthen Brisbane Airport’s reputation as Australia’s green airport,” says BAC property general manager Renaye Peters.

The Property Development Master Plan will be assessed against best practice benchmarks for liveability, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, design excellence, governance and innovation.

“We are delighted to be working with BAC on a project that will set new benchmarks for airport facilities the world over,” Madew says.