More than 900 door frames have to be ripped out at the new Perth Children’s Hospital as they may not comply with Australian fire standards, with Health Minister John Day blaming its builder John Holland.

Mr Day said the builder would wear the cost of replacing the 935 door frames.

The Chinese-owned company would have to work hard to meet the mid-year hand-over date after previously installing 450m of faulty water pipes.

“What I’m advised at present is it should not delay the opening of the hospital,” Mr Day told reporters.

“It is the responsibility of the builder to replace them and they are taking steps to do that.

“We would much prefer that the builder gets it right and does things on time. Now that has not been the case to this point completely.

“It would have been better if this was picked up earlier.”

The state government expects the $1.2 billion hospital will open to patients before the end of the year.

Hand-over was originally due in late 2015 but John Holland fell behind schedule.

Opposition treasury spokesman Ben Wyatt said he wasn’t confident the opening date target would be met, considering the previous delay.

“I’m not one to accept the argument that the minister simply pushes responsibility down and waits to cut a ribbon,” Mr Wyatt said.

The Nedlands facility will replace the ageing Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

  • Faulty water pipes and faulty door frames – quite an achievement! However, this is so common that it has become 'THE NORM'!

    Nothing surprises us given that this 'self-regulated' industry is effectively unregulated. This is testament to the outcomes. And what still remains undiscovered?

    How many hospitals now? Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth – flooding, etc. And now the Perth Children's Hospital.

    Then in Melbourne, the Royal Children's, the Royal Women's and the new Cancer Centre – all with non-compliant, dangerous cladding.
    And so it goes on…

    Until these builders/developers/surveyors are punished, until there is some enforcement of regulations, and until laws, codes and regulations mean that those responsible must build to meet compliance, the current, almost weekly disastrous consequences will continue unabated.

    A simple solution, but no will by Government to attach meaning to the 'rule of law' and to outlaw the ever-increasing number of cowboys!

  • Easily fixed STOP importing from CHINA

  • There is a big problem in Australia regarding the fire door industry. Currently you only need to be licensed to install fire doors in QLD. In other states, anyone can supply and install a fire doorset. There are far too many cowboys in the industry, encouraged by builders which are only interested in the cheapest tender price. Does there really need to be a high profile building fire due to faulty fire doors / frames before the industry gets a big shake up?

    • Never a truer word spoken. Licensing is no way as issue prevail in QLD as elsewhere. You might also consider the number of frames fitted with other manufacturers door leafs, none of which are tested together. Oh… also try and get a test report out of the newer manufacturers in the market.

    • I have read all the comments and I have to say that even without knowing the finer detail, the question of incorrect fire frames being installed is whilst a little costly, quite easy to overcome. No pulling out of existing frames ( Unless we are talking about wrong height and width ). But if it is only a question of rebate and stop,then there is a doable solution. (even if it is a question of rating). Any Fire Door / Fire Frame manufacturer should know that.
      On the question of control on the project, all I can say is that the project manager should have known what he was getting, and even picked it up on installation. as these are built in frames, it takes a bit of time to install 900 frames. I suspect that this was a combined lack of experience / knowledge by suppliers and as some of the comments say 'a lack of professionalism' from all involved.
      Finally it is training Knowledge that we need, all the experience is getting older and moving on to the Gold Coast to retire. Licensing is not the answer, Responsible and Professional Knowledge through apprentice training and better teaching in our universities.

  • None of this is surprising because I see the worst examples of noncompliance and nonconformance every week on my inspections. What is surprising is that it happened to a high-profile builder such as John Holland that is required to have quality assurance system in place or they can't get on a tender list for government work. I know because I had to have one when I was tendering. We can only assume they did not maintain the system or defective fire doors would not have been installed.

  • An absolute disgrace that exemplifies the perils of doing business with Australia's biggest trading partner.

  • There is a comprehensive Quality Assurance regime in place for Building and Construction projects including manufacturing Australian Standards, incorporation standards and Australian Standards for testing. It is also usual to have inspection hold points during construction and certificates of compliance provided by the various elements of construction. There have been other serious payment problems associated with this Perth project. We will probably have an ABCC to police union militancy shortly while we conveniently ignore this huge industry problem.

  • The blame doesn't fall on Chinese manufacturers, no matter which way you look at it it's the Builders fault. They have either specified the incorrect product or their QC is not what it should be. The degree of care taken shouldn't change from one job to another but to have this happen at a Children's Hospital should raise serious concerns about John Hollands practices.

  • No surprise to anyone. John Holland finished Newcastle Courthouse almost 2 years behind schedule this year.
    Holland will not wear the cost to replace the 935 door frames, as usual they will back charge the subcontractor who installed these frames and probably send the contractor broke due to John Holland's poor project management once again.

  • Send some one to jail

  • When is this nonsense going to stop? Who is accountable? Who is going to make them accountable?
    Not only is this a huge waste of money, but we are also going to see 935 inadequate fire doors delivered to landfill.

  • Does anyone remember the basic building class at University of the documentation required for building construction.
    Often it was the junior people with an eye for technical details to begin writing the Specification for a project.
    When it was all by written by hand and passed on to a typist and then checked by one of the "bosses"; any shortcomings were not appreciated. The specification of the project was considered as important as the working drawings. There used to be people specializing in Specification writing.
    Brand names and specification number of products have a place in the building industry.
    Whether its a brand name and a manufacturing date on a storm water pipe or a brand name on piece of cement sheet.
    Digging up concrete to remove non complying drains or demolishing new apartment walls to remove asbestos sheeting has no joy. How do you replace drains behind a 10 metre high concrete retainning wall that has failed before the building is completed.
    The nightmare is in fire rating of buildings.
    We have all seen the TV program on the failure of an Australian multi storey building to comply; and, those who know what they are looking at almost have a heart attack even though they do not own the project. The cost difference between a 60/60/60 & a 120/20/20 fire rating between two townhouses or apartments is well below $1000.
    Almost overnight we all have been expected to find new skills to suit the building boom in Australia; taking shortcuts with things that we know about is not the answer.
    We may need to present all site delivery documentation to the Architect before progress payments are made.
    Suppliers of non conforming products must face the music; profits made by stealing should be against the law.

  • As someone else has said, licencing in Australia is a joke as it is only compulsory in QLD. I actually own a fire door contracting company in NSW and I have a QLD installation licence and a QLD FPIB licence as we do contacting works there, why isn't this compulsory in all states? The fire door industry is full of cowboys who have no idea about Australian Standards and what does and doesn't comply as they just want to make a quick buck. The builders are also to blame as they make you fill in reams of paperwork that is just filed at their end and not looked at but there just in case they are audited. Shame on the builders as their goal is to come in way under budget and if that means faulty inferior goods, shonky suppliers, shonky tradesmen so be it as they have the paperwork to show they are not at fault even though they know exactly what goes into their projects.
    Come on all you government bodies do something useful that you are paid for!

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