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Building the State with Waterwise Developments

Thursday, August 21st, 2014
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The State Government has named Carine Rise and Alkimos Beach as the first developments in Western Australia to be recognised for their water-saving initiatives under the new Waterwise Development Program.

Visiting Alkimos Beach, Water Minister Mia Davies said the two developments had installed special landscaping and plants, educated residents and made a commitment to reduce water use by 20 per cent.

Water-efficient fittings and fixtures are mandatory in homes at Alkimos Beach, while in Carine Rise rainwater tanks and greywater systems are installed on all properties to supply water for outdoor use.

“This program offers developers, the building industry and new home buyers the opportunity to play an important role in conserving our State’s water supply,” Ms Davies said.

The program, run by the Water Corporation and the Urban Development Institute of Australia WA, recognises the importance of designing homes and communities to be more water efficient.

It covers retail, educational, mixed use, health and aged care developments, as well as residential developments, and builds on the success of the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Land Development and Waterwise Display Village programs, established in 2003.

Fact File

  • Four land developments and four Waterwise display villages, recognised under previous programs, continue to be endorsed as waterwise
  • More information at http://www.watercorporation.com.au
  • Under its Water Forever commitment, the State Government’s goal is to reduce water use by 25% by 2060, increase water recycling to 60% and develop up to 100 billion litres of new water sources
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