Canberra Airport has unveiled the design for its new $50 million hotel design, which will align with the new ‘AirVolution’ terminal.

The 4.5 star hotel will be located adjacent to the new 55,000 square metre terminal and will be a Toga Far East Hotel (TFE) under the Vibe Hotel brand. It is the first new nationally-branded, fully serviced premium hotel to be developed in Canberra in over a decade.

TFE is a $450 million newly joint venture between the Sydney-based Vidor family Toga Group and Far East Hospitality, Singapore’s largest private property developer.

Full Height Light

Light-filled atrium with restaurant, conference and social areas

“Canberra Airport is excited to be embarking on this venture with TFE Hotels, particularly as it strengthens the regional relationship with Singapore, one of Australia’s most important economic, intellectual and trading partners,” Canberra Airport managing director Stephen Byron said. “The partnership brings a market of 900,000 highly-educated, high-income Australians a step closer to Singapore.”

Adjacent to the hotel is the adjoining Brindabella Business Park, which currently has a work population of approximately 6,000 people.

Vibe Hotel Canberra will be a seven-storey building with 191 rooms and suites targeted to local and international business guests travelling through the Capital.

Bates Smart has been commissioned for both the architecture and interior design of of the hotel after winning a design competition held by Canberra Airport last year.

The firm has developed a host of international and local hospitality projects, including extensive work with CROWN hotel properties and the many restaurants within the CROWN precincts.

The design of Vibe Hotel Canberra reveals a semi-curved building that will be centred around a full height atrium featuring a large ground floor intermingle zone with reception, bar, restaurant and conferencing facilities.

Bates Smart Commissioned

Bates Smart has been commissioned for the architecture and interior design

The architecture and design is also set to reflect the Capital’s urban and natural surroundings while offering a contemporary and stylish aesthetic – a signature element of Vibe Hotels.

Canberra Airport’s design brief for the project called for a building envelope that would be “similar in character to the other high quality buildings that have been constructed at the Airport. It is intended the building façade will comprise of selected colours portraying quality and sophistication.”

The brief also requested the selected firm use a non-glare application on all external finishes, the same roofing material (metal decking and glazed roof top feature) as AirVolution and external walls made from masonry, glazing and insulated composite aluminium.

The hotel is also expected to feature extensive environmental credentials to align with Canberra Airport’s objective to operate Australia’s most carbon friendly terminal.

The project is set to generate more than 600 direct and indirect jobs during the construction phase and more than 200 ongoing direct and indirect jobs once it commences operation.

New AirVolution Terminal Canberra

The new 55,000 square metre AirVolution Terminal

The global customer will be hotel’s key focus.

“An airport hotel has been long envisaged in our master plan and will strengthen the case for international flights,” Byron said.

In the design brief for the hotel, Canberra Airport stated that at least two floors be utilised as office space that will complement existing office space within AirVolution and the adjacent business park.

Construction Control will commence building Vibe Hotel Canberra  in May with work expected to be completed in October 2015. The hotel is slated to open the following month.