The CFMEU is facing a possible Federal Court injunction after it was accused of deliberately disrupting work on a key Gold Coast Commonwealth Games project with twice-daily union meetings.

Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) says court intervention is necessary to bring an end to the “ongoing and costly dispute” that has affected progress at the $126 million Carrara Sports and Recreation Project over three weeks.

The union has held two-hour long meetings since May 9 and many workers are covered by enterprise agreements that permit such action.

“FWBC alleges that these provisions are being misused and that the purpose of those meetings, which come amidst stalled enterprise bargaining negotiations, is to disrupt work on the project in an effort to coerce the head contractor into signing a new enterprise agreement on the CFMEU’s terms,” the regulator said in a statement.

On Friday it will seek penalties against the CFMEU and two of its officials, Shaun Desmond and Andrew Watson, for “engaging in coercive behaviour” by organising the meetings.

Urgent injunctions will also be sought to stop the union from organising meetings more than once a month, encouraging stoppages and threatening further action, FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss said.

  • I'm just an everyday tax payer, why are we all suffering this outrageous bullying by the CMFEU. This sort of anchor on our contruction industry is going to continue unless FWBC and the government get serious. Current government is clearly not going to interfer with one of their main sources of electorial funds so we need a change of government. Maybe prison time for the CMFEU thugs is what we should be aiming for!

    • I am also an everyday tax payer. This outrageous bullying is wrecking our country, the CMFEU does not care about the worker, they are just thugs that use safety and working conditions as a front for their criminal activities! Why is our manufacturing industry going off shore, its because the unions have wrecked the viability our local industry. That's what they will do to the construction industry, as smart builders are now importing ready made structures from China. I sincerely hope that the Federal government is able to get a mandate from the people at the elections, to restrict these thugs from holding the country to ransom and ruining our economy which is already fragile.

  • It`s not the fault of the CFMEU it`s the fault of the STUPID , NEAR SIGHTED and GUTLESS builders and subcontractors who will not stand up to the CFMEU. All these contractors and subcontractors don`t have to sign an agreement in conjunction with the CFMEU they can go to the FWA and have their own agreement ratified . If they believe and are willing to pay through the nose the various BUSS , BERT, CIPQ , SITE , INCREASES etc they could have replicated the CFMEU agreement without the union clauses and the FWA would have had no qualms in registering such an agreement. I have no sympathy for these companies or governments who don`t stand up to the unions.

  • Walt is right. Everyone pays in the end.
    If Malcolm Turnbull wanted to cut through he would turn up at one of these meetings and make his case to bring back the ABCC. It would enable a real peg in the ground on this debate. Would be good to get Bill shorten to comment.
    Unfortunately both QLD and Victorian governments are burdened with cow-tailing to the CFMEU. Thats why these outrageous EBA demands are getting a hold in those states and then affecting the national cost of construction.
    That is why the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital is now ranked amongst the top 10 in the world today. Its why projects taken on by the large contractors are such easy targets for the CFMEU. When they roll over the costs just get passed on and everyone falls into line. Its why there will be less money for other services such as schools and universities. Come on Malcolm, get down on the battle front here and show some ticker.

  • What a shame these people are so distant from any form of State or National pride in the construction, preparation and hosting of such an important global event. A stark contrast to the many volunteers that make a successful Commonwealth Games.

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