CFMEU Organiser Failed to Disclose Criminal Past

FWBC has lodged an application before the Fair Work Commission seeking the revocation of a CFMEU organiser’s right of entry permit on the grounds that he failed to disclose his criminal history at the time his permit was issued.

According to his criminal history, in 2003 Mr Luke Collier was convicted of recklessly causing injury and criminal damage. He had a Community Based Order imposed upon him by the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court, Victoria.

In 2005, Mr Collier was found to have failed to comply with the Community Based Order.

In 2007, Mr Collier was convicted of theft and going equipped to steal in the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court.

FWBC claims Mr Collier, a CFMEU Organiser, made false declarations when he applied for a right of entry permit in 2013.

In the application lodged on his behalf by the CFMEU, Mr Collier declared that he had never been convicted of an offence involving entry onto premises, fraud or dishonesty, or intentional use of violence against another person or intentional damage or destruction of property.

FWBC contends as a result of his criminal convictions and his failure to disclose them, Mr Collier could not be deemed a fit and proper person under the Fair Work Act.

FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss said it was important that permit holders meet the fit and proper test.

“FWBC has resorted to taking this action at it is of great concern to me that someone in a position of authority made a false declaration regarding their criminal background, especially considering the nature of Mr Collier’s convictions.

“Moreover, Mr Collier’s failure to comply with a Community Based Order in relation to his 2003 conviction demonstrates an alarming disregard for authority.”




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