As relations between the two groups continue to sour, Australia’s biggest building industry union has posted online photographs of what it says are demonstrated safety breaches on sites of one of the nation’s largest construction firms.

Following its earlier announcement of an audit across all sites at Lend Lease, the Construction, Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has taken to social media outlets in an attempt to humiliate the company and highlight what it says are substandard practices within the company’s operations.

The union has created a Facebook page with an album showing images from its audits, and has posted multiple images on Twitter.

“Our safety reps are sending in their pictures from today’s safety audit of Lend Lease sites. Let’s see who spots the problems first,” the union says on its Facebook page. “COMMENT underneath and tell us what you think is wrong with each.”

Included in the image is a box with what appears to be live wires sitting on the ground at a New South Wales site. Another image on a South Australian site shows an emergency radio with no hand piece in a locked box.

Commenting on the images, one Facebook user talked about ladder scaffold access being dangerous due to the lack of a gate, incorrect ladder angles, scaffolding access steps being higher than the maximum allowable under Australian standards, a lack of clearly defined walkways and signposting of such walkways and a station access help point being hindered and blocked.

“All easily fixed but points to bad practices,” the user said.

The latest images follow the union’s announcement that it was conducting a company-wide safety audit across all of Lend Lease’s sites across Australia – a move it said was largely in response to last month’s Barangaroo fire as well as previous issues at the company’s sites, such as the discovery of asbestos at Barangaroo on several occasions.

Comment from Lend Lease is being sought.