The Green Edge House, enclosed by a floating wall, offers complete privacy without compromising natural ventilation, sunlight or the view of its green surrounding garden.

Located on a 200 square metre site in a residential Japanese neighbourhood Sizuoka Prefecture, the house is surrounded by a blank white 2.4 metre high wall which stands atop glazing.

The floating wall offers priceless privacy in the middle of a dense residential neighbourhood while softening the facade and allowing a hint of what lies beyond.

The Green Edge House

The Green Edge House’s wall sits atop glazing.

Inside the wall, the home is surrounded by a narrow garden and glazed walls that allow residents see the greenery from every room. Different species of trees and plants were planted between the floating exterior wall and the glazed interior walls, creating a “green edge” framing the living room and bedrooms.

The greenery changes with the changing of the seasons, creating an organic piece of art set against the white walls.

The Green Edge House

The narrow garden and glazed walls offer views of the garden from every room.

The architects, Japanese studio mA-style Architects, felt residents would be better off without a view of their surroundings, so they designed what they called an insular house taking up only 73 square metres with a private garden.

“At first we imagined a house with an inner courtyard. However, indoor privacy is not kept in the architecture around the courtyard,” architects Atushi and Mayumi Kawamoto said.

They also found a central courtyard would make natural light and air hard to flow inside and circulate.

The Green Edge House

Floor Plan

As they chose not to add a courtyard, the living room and kitchen were placed at the centre of the house, with one bedroom and the entrance on one side and a Japanese-style room and the bathroom on the other. The toilet and washbasin were located beyond the perimeter of the other rooms, so residents have to walk through the garden to use them.

The Green Edge House

The living room and kitchen are located at the centre of the house.

By separating the surrounding wall from the ground, they provided a barrier that preserves people’s privacy while leading to a feeling of openness to the outside. The floating wall creates a very clear border, but the transparency of the glass prevents the home from feeling completely isolated.

The Green Edge House

Residents have to venture into the garden to use the toilet and washbasin.

“The Green Edge House is the house which was rich in the variety that balance of the space was planned by a building and a physical standard,” the architects said.