Sunday Apartments, created by Australian architectural company Woods Bagot, features 237 units which feature a compact central Pod that combines all the services and storage functions.

Woods Bagot architect Nik Karalis said the basic service necessities of an apartment were all consolidated into a functional Pod, leaving the remaining surfaces free and flexible for personalisation.

“To achieve this we carefully mapped the essential support items and consolidated them into a central life support unit. The Pod,” he said.

Sunday Apartments

Sunday Apartments is a 15-storey building featuring 237 apartments.

The project, completed last year, was recently awarded the top prize in the Multi Residential category within the IDEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards), which recognised Australia’s finest interior and product design projects completed between January 1 2012 and May 25, 2013.

Located on a large site in Southbank, Melbourne, Sunday Apartments are a mix of one and two-bedroom apartments and the site includes an outdoor pool, a spa, a number of landscape terraces and an entertaining area.

Sunday Apartments designing concept

An integrated storage unit contains all service elements.

In addition, a 10-metre-wide central courtyard atrium connected by a podium creates an “H”-shaped floor plan, allowing plenty of natural light into each apartment.

The façade, built with a combination of coloured glass and aluminium louvers, provides the building with a distinctive look and allows cross flow ventilation.

Inside the apartments, an integrated storage unit contains all service elements including the kitchen and bathroom, eliminating the need for ceilings, thus increasing the interior spaces’ height and greatly reducing costs.

Sunday Apartments Kitchen

The central pod, featuring the kitchen and the bathroom, also includes the utility and storage units for bedroom and living area.

Each of the one-bedroom apartments is only 49.8 square metres, including a 4.4 square metre private balcony. The interior space is divided into four areas: rest (bedroom), wash (bathroom), cook (kitchen), and eat (dining/living area).

The central pod includes the utility and storage units for the bedroom and living area. The pods can be personalized using different colours to give each apartment a modern and unique character.

Sunday Apartments Bathroom

The pods can be personalized using different colours to give a modern and unique character.

The dining/living area is connected to the outdoor balcony space through sliding glass doors, offering great views of the city. While the central pod offers storage units both to the bedroom and living area, the perimeter areas can be converted into an office or a second bedroom.

The building also includes two-bedroom apartments designed with a more traditional floor plan. Those apartments are 159.6 square metres including a large terrace. One 149.6 square metre three-bedroom apartment is located on the top floor.

Sunday Apartments Floor Plan

The pod separates the various living areas.