Interior design app works in concert with Google Glass to help you choose paint colours inspired by your surroundings.

When you’re decorating your home, colour inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places.

Often, and frustratingly, it comes from something you can’t take home with you, such as stranger’s bag or the colour of a particular car.

But a new app for Google Glass could change all that by matching paint with colours from a picture taken using the wearable computer.

The free app, called ColorSnap Glass, combines Glass’ built-in camera with Ohio-based paint group Sherwin Williams’ colour recognition technology.

It lets users send Google Glass photos to a computer server which matches each photo’s primary and complementary colours with 1,500 paints.

The swatches are sent back to the user, who can then use the app to locate the nearest Sherwin Williams shop to pick up the paint.

The ColorSnap app has already been available for some time on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to take a picture on their smartphone.

The group is currently gauging consumer interest in ColorSnap Glass ahead of Google Glass’ launch of the technology by 2014.

Around 10,000 people throughout the world are currently trying out an early version of Google Glass with most of them selected as part of a contest.

Since its unveiling last year, Google Glass has been touted as the ultimate in hands-free technology, yet the device’s head gestures, but reviews have been varied.

Some users have found the swipe bar and voice commands haven’t been as easy to master as many they expected.

To solve this problem, Google has released a companion app, called MyGlass, that lets users control the device using an Android smartphone, but that ultimately does away with the hands-free functions.