Desal Water Too Costly for SA Irrigators 1

Thursday, July 7th, 2016
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Using desalinated water to boost allocations to River Murray irrigators in South Australia would be too costly, a study has found.

The cost-benefit analysis was commissioned by the state government to consider producing more water at Adelaide’s new desalination plant to boost supplies to irrigators who have started the new financial year with an allocation of just over a third of their full entitlements.

But Water Minister Ian Hunter says the results show that providing desalinated water wouldn’t be economically viable and reflect the fact that the desal plant was built to provide water security to Adelaide during times of drought.

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  1. Charles Litho

    What a surprise?
    Water made by machines is dearer than water falling from the sky.
    There are many measures to spend money on to save the waste of water.
    Water that is allowed to evaporate or flow to the sea is wasted!
    A resource like water supply has to be engineered to move water around cheaply and without waste.
    We will eventually see systems similar to the electrical & gas systems that allow water resources to be send where needed.
    Chinese may one day give Australia economic aid to improve our agricultural output; all we have to do is bury the Greens and allows some dams to be build.