The Liv Apartments development in Freemantle has become WA's third property development to be recognised as a One Planet Community.

The Defence Housing Australia project received formal One Planet Community recognition after meeting conditions including a commitment to environmental, financial and lifestyle sustainability.
Cundall was responsible for leading the One Planet submission, working with the design team, DHA and Bioregional to create a framework that set clear sustainable outcomes.

Ms Suzette Jackson, Executive Director Bioregional Australia Foundation, said DHA demonstrated a ‘clear commitment’ at Liv Apartments to reduce emissions and create a sustainable lifestyle for its residents and tenants.

Ms Jackson said Liv would be the largest single development recognised as a One Planet Community in Western Australia.

‘Liv Apartments is showing national leadership with a development that has been designed to create a community with a diverse range of healthy and sustainable living options within the existing Fremantle suburban area,’ Ms Jackson said.

‘Defence Housing Australia is to be congratulated for its commitment to environmental and financial sustainability at Liv.

‘Clearly, DHA is determined to improve the health and wellbeing of the Australian Defence Force personnel, general residents and the Fremantle community.’

Fremantle Council Mayor Brad Pettitt also welcomed the announcement.

‘The Fremantle Council is very proud to have Liv accredited as a One Planet Community,’ Mayor Pettitt said.

‘It is great to see developments like this that are not only of a high quality but are sustainable and designed for the 21st century.

‘Liv will be the largest single development accredited as a One Planet Community in WA and we are proud to have this in Fremantle – a community that prides itself on environmental leadership.’

The project has used the Ten One Planet Principles to go beyond minimum compliance with initiatives that not only reduce the consumption of natural resourcing, but create a community that benefits the health and wellbeing of the residents. Targets range from diverting 60% organic waste from landfill, ensuring that residents in the development get to know more than five of their neighbours’ names.

An embedded network with 80kW of PV panels is included enabling the strata to sell the electricity produced below retail price to residents and retail and commercial tenants. This not only will reduce the energy bills but will save an estimated 104 tonnes of carbon a year.

A machine that will dehydrate organic waste from residents and retail tenancy waste, will divert waste from landfill whilst the compost produced will be used for the community gardens and the water produced will be used for irrigation.

Oliver Grimaldi, Cundall Associate said rainwater harvesting in Perth is not usually feasible due to the rain patterns, therefore installing technology that reduces waste where a by-product is water that can be used for irrigation is one of the many examples of innovation in this project.

Creating a community has been a large part of the project, with communal areas created for gatherings and an online hub for all residents.

‘The online hub will give neighbours a chance to offer services to each other such as furniture swapping and pet sitting services. These will create opportunities for neighbours to connect and find common interests’. Mr Grimaldi said.

Mr Cade Taylor, Senior Development Manager at DHA, said all residential units at Liv Apartments will feature environmental energy and water saving initiatives intended to reduce household bills and energy consumption.

‘These initiatives are expected to reduce household bills and energy consumption at Liv,’ Mr Taylor said.

‘All of us at DHA are delighted our efforts have been recognised through this important and prestigious award.
It really puts Liv Apartments on the map as a genuinely unique and sustainable place to live that will be a vital addition to the vibrant Fremantle precinct.’

Liv is a multi-storey development consisting of two towers featuring 166 apartments, landscaped courtyard, public open space, rooftop communal space and ground floor retail and commercial facilities.

Bioregional’s One Planet Framework is used in projects all over the world to promote healthy and happy communities while respecting the planet’s natural limits.