A Domino’s Pizza outlet in the state of New Jersey has become the unlikely holder of a world record for efficiency in lighting.

The restaurant, situated at 28 West Blackwell Street in Dover, New Jersey, has set the record for ‘the most energy efficient restaurant lighting retrofit’ according to an assessment by energy consulting firm Vanguard Energy Services NJ.

The outlet retrofitted its original lighting with LED tubes, which are far more energy efficient than their conventional fluorescent peers.

The restaurant’s typical two-foot-by-four-foot fluorescent troffer fixtures, consisting of four 32 watt tubes, were replaced with LEDs which consume only 50 watts per fixture – less than half the amount of energy previously used.

The retrofit is expected to save the outlet more than $25,000 over the course of the lives of the LED tubes (around $2,400 per year), deliver a payback period of just 1.68 years and cut carbon dioxide emissions by around 43 per cent for each year the LED tubes remain in usage.

According to the study’s projections, were similar retrofits applied to Domino’s outlets around the world, the chain could achieve significant reductions in terms of both utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

With more than 10,000 outlets around the world, annual savings on electricity would equate to around $24 million, which works out to savings of $250 million over the lifetime of the LEDs.

Lifetime savings of carbon dioxide emissions, meanwhile, would be approximately 1.6 million tons – equivalent to taking 232,000 vehicles off the road each year.

Charlie Szoradi, CEO of Independence LED, which supplied the New Jersey outlet with the LED tubes, says the global implementation of similar retrofits could have remarkable implications for the sustainability of the chain’s operations.

“The massive potential quarter billion dollars in cost savings across Domino’s worldwide footprint is part of a global energy tipping point,” he said.