A deep, water-filled quarry will soon be home to a sustainable adventure hotel in China’s Songjiang district just outside Shanghai.

Construction has begun on the five star Songjiang Hotel, which will be built into the side of a 100-metre high quarry at the base of the Tianmenshan Mountain.

UK firm Atkins designed the spectacular concept, which was selected for the project through an international design competition.

Sustainability is at the core of this design. The curved structure encourages natural light and the building’s energy needs will be met through geothermal sources.

“Our designs have seamlessly integrated the building with its surroundings, utilising low carbon design techniques such as green roofing, which will protect it from north winds and take advantage of the microclimate created by the thermal dynamics of the quarry rock face,” says project director and lead architect Martin Jochman.

Songjiang Hotel

Songjiang Hotel – Sustainable features including Green Roofing

Visually inspired by its surrounding environment, an aquatic theme runs through the hotel, with a giant waterfall plunging from the top of the quarry and spaces offering underwater views.

Of the 19 floors, the two lowest floors of the hotel will house submerged guestrooms and a restaurant that will face a 10-metre aquarium, while the ground level will feature a swimming pool utilising the surrounding quarry resources for water-based activities.

The two highest floors of the hotel will rise approximately 15 metres above the quarry and will house an extreme sports centre which will cantilever over the water, offering bungee jumping and rock climbing.

A night in one of the 400 rooms is estimated to cost around $300 per night and the hotel also features conference facilities for up to 1,000 delegates, shopping and clubs.

The development, owned by Shimao Group, is also set to be part of a larger development plan for the area.

“The idea was to take advantage of this unique land form and to create a garden growing in the air,” Li Xuyang of Shimao Group told Shortlist.co. “The hotel is part of the larger project to build Shimao Shanghai Wonderland, a large-scale theme park.”

Songjiang Hotel

Songjiang Hotel – Naturally-lit atrium

The Songjiang Hotel should be completed in three years but recent predictions state it might open as soon as 2015.

Like Songjiang Hotel,  underwater hotel concepts are a rising trend with a design unveiled earlier this year for the world’s largest such building, which will be located in Dubai.

The Water Discus Hotel will be a luxury, multi million dollar resort comprising of 21 hotel rooms in the heart of a coral reef in Dubai waters.

Polish company, Deep Ocean Technology are behind the innovative concept which also reflects a space-like aesthetic due to its disc-shaped design.

water discus underwater hotel

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai