The West Australian government has been urged to act quickly on promised safety reforms after an electrician died in a Perth home, but the commerce minister has indicated the changes won’t be rushed.

The man was found dead in the roof space of a Yokine property on Tuesday and it’s believed he was electrocuted.

Changes to regulations that would prohibit electrical work in energised areas and require main switches to be turned off while work is undertaken in roof spaces were announced by the WA government in August.

Electrical Trades Union branch president Greg Wilton accused the state government of dragging its feet, saying it was time to give the reforms the “priority they deserve in order to avoid any further tragedies”.

But Michael Mischin said the state government was determined to get the changes right.

“This has meant following due process and consulting widely, including with the ETU,” the minister said.

“The regulatory changes have recently been signed off for drafting, which will now take a minimum of several months, given the complexity of the changes and links with other legislation.

“In the interim, the government continues to emphasise that all work should be conducted in a de-energised environment, where it is practical to do so.”

  • Deaths will not stop in roof spaces.

    What the Western Australian Government propose is old news, bordering on neglect, having known what mostly to do since early 2015, through the Federal Government minister, Mr Hunt responding to the 2014 Royal Commission Home Insulation Program Report.

    Will the Western Australian Coroner reveal the real truth how this person died, as the real cause of two deaths from the failed Home Insulation Program were deliberately covered up and with held.

    The Queensland Coroner deliberately failed in 2013, AND the 2014 Royal Commissioner failed to reveal the truth relying on the Queensland Coroner. WHY?

    I have the actual photos and copies from the Queensland Electrical Safety Office reports, they do not acknowledge the ACTUAL CAUSE. UNPROTECTED CABLING OVER TOPS OF CEILING JOISTS, in defiance of the Wiring Standard.

    The media believed the electrical industry who blamed foil to the coverup, the truth

    The deception goes further, Federal Government have failed the public by continuing to cover up the truth, and not act to this day.

    WHY? Failure by the electrical Industry not following Standards, AND the Governments not policing the Standards, as reported in the 2014 Royal Commission Report.

    WHY? Because I graeme doreian ON BEHALF OF THE PUBLIC, WITH NO VESTED INTERESTS forced industry, and the Royal Commission to reveal the real truth (google my name for my Royal Commission evidence)


    If your father, son, relation, mate or tradesperson was killed in your roof space by an unprotected cable in contravention of the Standard.

  • How few comments! And on such an important issue.

    Does this suggest what I think it does?

    The lives of our young workers and old consumers – and all age groups in the middle of both categories – do not count for anything.

    Think about it. These two groups are one and the same – made up of the people who do all the work and also provide all the funds to drive the building industry and to make the country 'economically' successful. But their combined role is solely to serve the needs of the business, to fund the industry, to proffer up the 'working class' to do all the 'work' and to deliver the undeserved, privileged lifestyle to the minority – at the very great expense of the majority! And the political class the puppet appendage of the business class in charge of pulling the strings.

    How ever did Australia sink so low in such a relatively short time?

    Greed is certainly very addictive and equally destructive.

  • Personally, I think the above comments are over the top.
    As for the proposed new rule, I think that think that is unnecessary also.
    Having to have the main switch off for any roof work is impractical and will make many jobs harder for electricians. It is probably not as bad for anyone else, but it still makes me question the quality of the electrical installation.
    Perhaps better training of electricians if they can't isolate and test correctly, or if there are faulty installation let's fix those. The blanket 'main switch' approach does nothing to fix the initial problem.

    Electrician 15 years

  • This unfortunate fatal incident is all a by product of industry self regulation. The current federal government suspended their enquiry into a national licensing scheme & lo & behold they sign an FTA – now "electricians" from other countries can work in Australia without passing technical exams. As a hypothetical – if the now deceased electrician had gone to the owner/tenant & said there is non -compliant wiring in the roof – here is a quote to make it compliant – what would have been the owners response?

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