An electrician tasked with securing a construction site where a carpenter was electrocuted says the light fitting that likely caused his death was live because it was outside the site's demolition zone.

Matthew Trent Ross, 25, died after he touched metal scaffolding while working at a retirement village at Victoria Point, southeast of Brisbane, in July 2013.

A Workplace Health and Safety investigation identified the fatal electric shock could have been caused by a damaged light fitting 30 metres from the scene.

The fitting, which automatically turned on a light in the evening as it got dark, was in contact with a metal water pipe that was in turn in contact with the scaffolding.

Electrician Lance Richter told the Queensland Coroner’s Court on Wednesday he recalled seeing a light under one of the eaves, but it was about 50cm outside the demolition zone.

“According to the work plan there was never ever going to be work near that light,” he said.

Mr Richter said even though he “re-checked, re-checked and re-checked” the area, he told the builder he wanted to stay on site while the demolition occurred.

“Even though I’m satisfied completely, my name’s not Jesus Christ,” he said.

Mr Richter said in his 20 years on the job he had seen some demolition workers get “carried away” and he didn’t want a situation where someone went beyond the boundary and then came across some live electrical wires.

The former Queensland Electrical employee gave evidence the area where the light was located was “completely untouched” when he left the site about three weeks later.

He said he was unaware of what happened after he left and no one contacted him to check if it was safe to extend the demolition area.

Mr Richter said under cross-examination he believed he spoke “in-depth” to the builder about where the demolition zone was and made notes on the plan.

The Workplace Health and Safety investigation found the company in control of the site may have breached its safety obligations to Mr Ross but a successful prosecution was unlikely because of issues with the evidence.

The inquest is expected to conclude on Wednesday afternoon.