Members of the engineering and construction sectors continue to rank amongst the biggest earners throughout Australasia.

According to the latest data from, people employed in the engineering and construction sectors in New Zealand earn well over NZ$92,000 per annum, an amount nearly 25 per cent more than the national average of NZ$74,002.

This earnings level beat out IT professionals, who enjoy an annual average salary of NZ$91,348. The latest batch of earnings data further indicates that engineering and construction professionals also have the opportunity to reap the exorbitant pay provided by a related sector – that of mining, resources and energy, where the average salary is NZ$101,622.

Engineering and construction workers in New Zealand also benefited from major increases in salary levels in 2013 despite sharp declines in the earnings levels of other professions. The construction sector saw a 10.2 per cent increase in average salary levels last year, while design and architecture logged an 11.8 per cent leap.

These increases are even more impressive when compared to the precipitous falls seen in other sectors, with the average income levels of legal practitioners falling 12 per cent last year and workers in the community services and development sector suffering a 10.7 per cent decline in their earnings over the same period.

Data from Australia similarly indicates that engineering and construction professionals are at the front of the pack in terms of earnings. According to figures from while the average Australian income is $85,785, the average income of people working in construction, building or architecture is AU$107,940, while the average for members of the engineering profession is AU$111,121.

The data further indicates that as in New Zealand, engineers and construction workers are in a position to benefit from the lavish remuneration provided by the mining and resources sector, where the average per annum income is a whopping $139,269.

These income levels are higher than any those for any other category with the exception of executives or people working in corporate strategy, beating out even those white collar professions which are traditionally considered to home to the highest remuneration levels. This includes the banking and financial services sector, where the average income level is AU$86,871, and accounting, where the average is AU$83,913.