Legendary Italian car maker Ferrari has unveiled plans for its first-ever hotel, which will be housed within a new Ferrari Land theme park in Barcelona.

The project is a collaboration between Ferrari S.p.A and PortAventura Entertainment S.A.U, who plan to open the park in 2016 through a €100 million investment.

Ferrari Land will span 75,000 square metres and will include the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe. Abu Dhabi Ferrari World, which opened in 2010, currently holds the title for the world’s largest indoor theme park and the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa.

Ferrari Land theme park

Outdoor pool, retail, restaurants and 250 hotel rooms

The new park will include Ferrari’s first hotel in a venue designed for families and Ferrari enthusiasts alike.

The hotel will offer premium five star accommodation and service across 250 rooms along with an array of restaurants and retail. The hotel will also house a large outdoor pool and simulation areas for car racing.

The hotel’s design is sleek and curved, echoing the front mesh grille of one of the brand’s luxury vehicles, and the structure is largely “Ferrari red.” Images show the hotel surrounded by public space areas and parklands.

Ferrari Land theme park

Ferrari Land will have Europe’s fastest accelerator

While an architecture firm has not been revealed for this project, Benoy Architects were behind the iconic Ferrari World. The new project is expected to boast similar aesthetics, including the repetition of the prancing horse logo, wide open spaces, provisions for automobiles and luxury Italian design.

Ferrari World has a structure modelled after the classic double curve profile of the Ferrari GT Chassis which spans 176,000 square metres. Benoy used a highly insulated metal skin roof and the main facades featured efficient glass to reduce thermal loads and glare.

According to Andrea Perrone, managing director of the Ferrari brand, the company has received several requests for additional Ferrari theme parks. They decided on Spain as a location due to the many supporters and fans in the country.

Ferrari Land theme park

Ferrari Land in Abu Dhabi

“Ferrari Land will further strengthen the Ferrari brand in the region,” said Perrone in a statement. “Ferrari Land will appeal to entire families as well as Formula One supporters. We will continue to further look at the launch of Additional Ferrari theme parks outside of Europe with no rush, while continuing to maximise the value of our prestigious brand without diluting it.”

Ferrari will add to current operations in the PortAventura area, which boasts over 105 hectares of theme parks and four themed four star hotels which bring in some 4 million visitors per year.

“Ferrari is an obvious choice not only for the values the brand represents, but also for their experience in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabit theme park,” said PortAventura executive chairman Sergio Feder. “For us it is also an honour to collaborate with such a worldwide recognised brand.”

Torino Lamborghini Hotels in China

Torino Lamborghini Hotels in China

While many luxury car markets have begun to venture into furniture, including Bentley and Porsche, Ferrari’s rival Italian automobile company, Lamborghini already has a hotel presence.

Tonino Lamborghini, the son of Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, has three themed hotels in China in Suzhou and Kunshan with another three slated for completion over the next three years.